Saturday, August 2, 2008

How to extend a weekend...

send the kids away. Okay, we really didn't send the kids away. The HotY's parents always want to take the girls for their little community celebration each year and Alex's former middle school teacher (who is awesome) does respite and likes to take Alex for a weekend every few months - so if two of the kids are gone why not make it three :-) Since Friday afternoon - no kids - and I'm lonely. Truthfully there are times when I wish I had a little more me time but 2 hours is usually my limit and then I start missing everyone. This has seemed like an exceptionally long weekend BUT the HotY and I have had some quality together time and that is a good thing. He has informed me that I don't spend enough time with him - so in an effort to be Wife of the Year (WotY - and why doesn't that look as good as the Husband of the Year acronym?) I'm working on that.

Tonight, in our exciting no kids for the weekend home, we played with the wii and competed in a high stakes tennis match. The HotY thinks he is the master at wii tennis and takes every opportunity possible to gloat about his skills. Whatever. Even though he is a professional level (and really I'm just mere points away from being a pro) I still beat his butt 2 matches out of 4 so that sounds like a pretty even score to me, especially since I seem to have hand to eye coordination issues. Actually I don't think it is so much hand to eye coordination as it is my ability to visually focus, judge and aim. Seriously, I can't hang a picture straight to save my life. We all have our talents I guess :-)

Okay that's it, I'm out. It's not much but I wanted you to have a little something new to read.

Only 24 more hours until the kids are home. I can't wait :-)


Wendy said...

Now I absolutely love my kids...but a weekend away sounds like heaven to me! I love to spend time by myself...It's OK to enjoy it Ang...:-)

Shirley said...

sounds like you had a great weekend. LOL!