Monday, August 11, 2008

Really nothing important...

I'm just sitting here listening to Gavin Rossdale (Mr. Gwen Stefani - but I only know this because Amy informed me - remember I'm the one that is sketchy on details :-)). I just thought I'd tell you so you wouldn't think I was all 80' & 90's all the time. I'm actually loving several new songs. Viva whatever it is by Coldplay, Shattered by OAR and Love Remains the Same by Mr. Rossdale. There is another one too but I just can't think of what it is. I wish I knew how to put the YouTube video right in the blog but I don't and I'm too impatient right now to try to figure it out. So if someone can give me a tutorial bring it on!

My babies are going to be starting Kindergarten in a few short weeks :-( I think I'm having baby blues again :-) No one tells you that this stuff is going to hit you like a brick wall when it happens. I mean really what are mother's for if not to tell you that sometimes life is going to suck and be sad and be hard and confusing. Well maybe they do tell us but we just don't hear it.

Anyway, here are some recent pictures. Of course there aren't any of the crabby and irritable boy because he is still having no part of the camera. I love this stage, I love this stage, I love this stage (I keep thinking if I say this enough my dream may come true!).

Here are my girls with my dear friend Julie's daughters. Aren't they beautiful. I just love this picture. Pretty girls enjoying the best of life.

Yes, they do have pink hair in these pictures. We went to a kids salon - Dudes and Diva's and they were all about the colored hair. It washes right out. They loved it.

Actually I don't think they look like themselves in these two pictures but the pink hair - it had to be documented.

Well that's all I've got. I'm out.



Shirley said...

too precious! I hear ya on the kindy as Hayley starts in a few weeks, too. *sniff*

Amy said...

I just can't let that reference to Coldplay go! I hate that song!!! But love the pictures. The picture of Lauren makes her seem so much older but the one of Sydney is perfect of her. RockStar in the making. :-)

Maija said...

I love their fun hairstyles! You are a good mama!