Sunday, August 10, 2008

It's all about height, speed and a wet landing.

Diving that is... I've been watching the Olympics (but I missed the opening ceremonies I can't believe it. I have no idea how it happened since the opening ceremonies are really my kind of thing; tradition, pageantry, honor and fashions - because really there is nothing like seeing all the outfits during the parade of nations (I heard there was some kind of flowered dress and hat fiasco) - and I missed it - I 've been distracted, what can I say). So in watching the Olympics I started thinking about what kind of athlete I would like to be if the Olympics were mine for the taking - and really, I didn't even have to think about it that hard - DIVING. There is speed, there is height and beauty and grace and discipline and water. I love everything about diving. So what's your Olympic sport of choice? Go ahead dream big. Wear that Gold Medal.

So along with the start of the Olympics we enjoyed a very nice weekend at my parents. The kids played in the pool, the adults lounged, enjoyed adult beverages and basked in the sunshine. It really was a perfect weekend. After all the sun and swimming we had the ultimate summer dinner of grilled steak, fresh corn on the cob, a lettuce salad with all the goodies and cucumbers, onions and sour cream (have you ever tasted the goodness of fresh cucumbers and onions mixed with sour cream?) eaten on the patio with a soft breeze blowing through the air. And if that were not enough of summertime living we watched movies outside, projected on the side of the house. Enchanted for the kids (okay, fine, for the adults too) and p.s. I love you (have you seen this movie - so sweet) for the adults. And finally, after midnight, the day ended, my sister and I sat down to talk. We sat outside not thinking too much about the time or getting to bed until the HotY came out to tell us it was 3:00 a.m. WOW who knew we had so much to say. Of course my sister will tell you I was the one that did all the talking - but um, you know me and let me say my sister - she's a talker too so you figure it out. I think it was a pretty even exchange. So it was a wonderful weekend - one of those when you really realize and appreciate the family that you have in your life.

Okay, gotta go, the gymnasts are on. Oh and don't think I don't know that you all thought I was going to say that gymnastics would be my ultimate athletic event - I know - but see I'm not as predictable as you thought :-)


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Amy said...

Ok. I have been thinking about the question of which olympic sport would I like to be in. That's a hard question. But I think the swimming would be my gig! It's more of a mental game. Not that you don't have to be in the best physical condition. But then I would like a bod that would look good in those huggy things that the volleyball players wear too. Tough call.