Monday, August 13, 2012

50 years in the same canoe...

My parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on Saturday (their actual wedding date by the way).  Our family gathered in the BIG city on Thursday for a long weekend of fun and frolic and no crabby.  It went pretty well.  Okay, fine, I may have had a moment or two of crabby but I kept it pretty contained - just keep in mind it was a lot of family time and IKEA :-) 

During the next four days we ate, we drank and were merry.  Friday we spent the day on a BIG lake and although I used sunscreen I walked away with a BIG sunburn.  I'm talking glow in the dark, it's getting hot in here, I'm going to look like the tanning mom when this thing fades to tan, sunburn.  It's a little better today but still not pretty.  I'd say I am old enough to know better but I did think I was knowing better and used sunscreen.  No AD Sunscreen - NO GOOD!!! 

Other than that sunburn thing It was a fun weekend and I think my parents enjoyed the family time and really after 50 years they deserved to be celebrated - 50 years - with the same person - no one thrown from the canoe.  I think that is quite an accomplishment and testimony to love, perseverance and working it out!  Congratulations m & d (although as I was looking at the pictures from the weekend I noticed I have pictures of my mom and I have pictures of my dad but I don't have any pictures of them together - but I promise they were there - together - really, trust me :-) - I'm not making this up).

TTFN... Go celebrate love and marriage and enjoy the pictures...

The captain (my dad) and co-captain Lauren, she took her job very seriously. 


I could tell Sydney and my nephew Nicholas were having a very deep conversation on the beach so I took this picture.  It turns out she wanted to know what he was looking for in a girlfriend and was quizzing him on all the important things like what his favorite color is, what foods he likes to eat, what he likes to do on a date, what kind of skin he likes, etc.  She concluded her friend Gabriella would be a perfect match - of course Gabriella is only 9 and Nick is 20 but what's a little age difference.  I'm sure Gabriella's parents would be thrilled with the match. 

But the best part of that deep conversation was this:

Syd - I think I should bury you in the sand.
Nick - I don't think I would like that.
Syd - Well then I'll start with your mouth.

No one said the girl wasn't smart :-)

Sydney in her element enjoying the water, sun and wind.  And those sparkles on the water - I was informed those were the fish taking pictures of her. 

Mom, Jordan and Nick hamming it up.

I'll take this one!

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Amy said...

Love the pictures! Love the conversations! Priceless.