Saturday, August 25, 2012

The secret room...

I would love to create a secret room in our house. A room only accessible by me and those I invite.  There would be a complicated lock and secret code just to insure there are no invaders.  The room would function as a bathroom.  A pristine bathroom, no toothpaste in the sink or on the counter or splattered against the mirror.  The toilet paper would always be replaced and the towels would be nicely folded and not thrown in a heap on the counter or floor (the water free floor).  All my makeup would be pretty and none of my lipstick would have smushed ends.  There would be no Barbies hanging out in the bathtub and the shampoo bottle would be right where I left it. 

This magic, private room would also contain all the items that I can never seem to find when I need them because they have been "borrowed" and sometimes replaced - but never where they belong.  These items would include good scissors (you know the kind - the ones that actually cut something other than paper), scotch tape, a round hair brush, a toothbrush (don't ask), Diet Coke, Ritz crackers, a laptop, paper, pen, a black Sharpie and my iPhone.  Oh and most importantly, the room would be sound proof.  No sound in - no sound out.  Not one "mom" able to penetrate my fortress.  Yep, some day I'm going to have a secret room.

Wanna come over and play?


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