Sunday, March 10, 2013


And it really is a surprise.  After months and months of nothing but crickets I've decided to stop and chat for a bit.  It may just be a short drive-by as I don't know there is much to be said even after all this time but we shall see what seems to pour forth from my fingers (ha).

Things are good.  The job is good.  The kids are good.  The dog and cat are good.  Oh and the HotY is good too.  It is all good.  The weather however is not good.  It is March - you know March that time of the year when all things winter related are supposed to be packing up their bags and leaving town but this year these nasty winter guests seem to want to linger.  GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm sick of you and your white pasty snowflakes.  I want green grass and colorful bursts of flowers and sun - hot sun.  So go away cloudy skies and icy winds we don't want you here any more.  I know this may seem a little strong but really I have rolled up the welcome mat for winter and all his excess baggage.  Be gone.

Okay, I feel so much better now.  I can't tell you how long I have been waiting to get THAT off my chest.

Yesterday Barbara Millicent Roberts (renowned Barbie doll) and I celebrated our birthday's.  I still think she is a little bit fake but hey no one is perfect - not even dolls manufactured by Mattel. 

Syd performed in the Eagles Cancer Telethon in January.  Here is a You Tube clip if you want to check it out.  She was as calm as a cucumber. 

Lauren's soccer season is soon to start so she will soon be receiving her moments of glory and Alex is doing well as always.  I'm still trying to convince him that some day is he going to want to move out but right now he is not buying it - why ruin a good thing. 

And just to prove I had not ceased to exist during my absence here is a picture from the girls' Christmas concert in December.

TTFN...  and thanks for stopping by.