Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It must be Thanksgiving since...

I've been to Sam's Club to purchase potatoes and dinner rolls

My car was nearly hit in the parking lot by no more than three other cars (remember Sam's is just steps away from Walmart and we all know how those people drive).

I've peeled, cooked, spilled and mashed over five pounds of potatoes.

My children are whining because they can't find the turkeys they made in school.

The dog is at the kennel (she wasn't happy - it was her or turkey dinner - we have our priorities - she would have been able to nab and eat a 20 lb turkey before we knew what happened).

I'm getting excited about seeing my family.

Happy Thanksgiving!

TTFN... I'll let you know if we end up bringing the dog home from the kennel. Right now it's not looking good for her. I'm really enjoying not having to hide the napkins, push food to the back of the cupboards, open the door without stooping over to catch a running dog, and keeping the bathroom doors open. She better hope I get really lonely for her tomorrow :-)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sometimes it is just so surreal...

Do you ever have those moments in your life when you go "hey, wait a minute, how did I get here, when did this happen to me?" The kind of moment that inevitably strikes in the middle of the night - at least that is how it happens for me. There I will be, standing in the dark bathroom, and it hits me - this is my life - this is how it all turns out - huh, when did this happen? I mean really this house, it belongs to me. That guy sleeping in my bed, he's my husband. The angelic, (at least angelic in the dead of night), children, they're mine. WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN? Last time I looked I didn't have any of this stuff. I was the child sleeping in the bed. I was the one assuming that all my needs would be taken care of by the woman standing in the bathroom in the middle of the night. I wasn't a grown-up. When did I become a grown-up?

I'm not saying I don't like being a grown-up, I just am not sure when it happened. Deep inside I don't feel like a person who has a house and family and responsibility. It's confusing and very surreal. So I go back to bed and wake up in the morning and totally forget about feeling like I was living in two dimensions.

Maybe I should not have read the Time Traveler's Wife - just think if that were a true story...

TTFN... oh and try to remember to go to the bathroom before you go to bed - it will save you from all kinds of twilight zone kind of thoughts that may keep you awake the rest of the night.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Oh yeah, I forgot...

I'm doing a giveaway:

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Simply leave a comment in this thread with the names of your friends how have joined. Entries will be accepted until November 25.

Friday, November 13, 2009

And the mother of the year award goes to...

Despite my best efforts my mothering skills have been a little lacking lately. It isn't that I haven't been trying I just haven't been watching the little details (did I mention this is the story of my life - small print - what small print???)

ANYWAY, first there was the day of dance camp the girls participated in which concluded with a mini recital of their new dance moves. I didn't see said recital because I failed to read the part of the info sheet which said "come at 1:00 for the dance review". I walked in the door to two crying children who were heart broken because their mother was not in attendance at the dance party and EVERY OTHER MOTHER IN THE WORLD WAS THERE. It was all very dramatic and I felt like the worst mother in the world. On my way out the door another mom touched me on the shoulder and whispered in my ear "I missed it too". At least I wasn't REALLY the only mother in the world who did not make it to the show.

The following week the girls had a father/daughter dance. To prepare for the event and create a surprise for daddy we went on a little shopping trip and bought pretty party dresses and sparkly shoes. They were so excited. About ten minutes after leaving for the dance the HotY called, this was the conversation "you know the girls look very nice but did you know it was a hoe down?" Ummm no actually I did not know it was a hoe down. I failed to notice that little detail tucked at the bottom of the invitation. BUT I heard they were the best-dressed girls at the event :-)

Sooo all in all it hasn't been a stellar couple of weeks although I think I did redeem myself with a trip to the big mall in the big city. It was all about kids all day long. I haven't given up on winning that mother of the year award yet...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This will make sense...

to some of you and to the other's - just skip it. It has to do with work and I have found that the best policy, in terms of blogging and work, is that the two don't mix. Which is why I make very few direct references to the topic. BUT I found out today that I will be BLUE for at least 14 months and then it is anybody's guess. So there you go. The limbo part of this episode of life has concluded for the time being.

In other news. I hate Halloween. Just for the record. My kids have been fighting over candy for the past four days. My idea of just letting them eat their fill until they were sick and then throwing the rest out was not met with agreement by the HotY. So hey Mr. Crabby, do YOU have a better idea??? I'm waiting.

Do you get the idea that I am a little irritable tonight? Sorry. I'll try to get over myself soon.

That's it. Nothing left to say.

Stay tuned for more shiny and bright posts in the near future. I know they have to be in here somewhere.