Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It must be Thanksgiving since...

I've been to Sam's Club to purchase potatoes and dinner rolls

My car was nearly hit in the parking lot by no more than three other cars (remember Sam's is just steps away from Walmart and we all know how those people drive).

I've peeled, cooked, spilled and mashed over five pounds of potatoes.

My children are whining because they can't find the turkeys they made in school.

The dog is at the kennel (she wasn't happy - it was her or turkey dinner - we have our priorities - she would have been able to nab and eat a 20 lb turkey before we knew what happened).

I'm getting excited about seeing my family.

Happy Thanksgiving!

TTFN... I'll let you know if we end up bringing the dog home from the kennel. Right now it's not looking good for her. I'm really enjoying not having to hide the napkins, push food to the back of the cupboards, open the door without stooping over to catch a running dog, and keeping the bathroom doors open. She better hope I get really lonely for her tomorrow :-)

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Shirley said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Not cooking anything until tomorrow. Got the pumpkin pie from Costco this morning though.