Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This will make sense...

to some of you and to the other's - just skip it. It has to do with work and I have found that the best policy, in terms of blogging and work, is that the two don't mix. Which is why I make very few direct references to the topic. BUT I found out today that I will be BLUE for at least 14 months and then it is anybody's guess. So there you go. The limbo part of this episode of life has concluded for the time being.

In other news. I hate Halloween. Just for the record. My kids have been fighting over candy for the past four days. My idea of just letting them eat their fill until they were sick and then throwing the rest out was not met with agreement by the HotY. So hey Mr. Crabby, do YOU have a better idea??? I'm waiting.

Do you get the idea that I am a little irritable tonight? Sorry. I'll try to get over myself soon.

That's it. Nothing left to say.

Stay tuned for more shiny and bright posts in the near future. I know they have to be in here somewhere.