Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat...

The night was perfect, we walked a long way and they came home with full buckets. A success all the way around.

THE holiday devoted to candy has come to an end, the porch light is off  - let the Christmas music begin :-) 

Here are pictures of the Scarecrow and Bat Girl:

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

We have communication problems...

or my family does not deal well with change. 

Today I had a meeting at the girls' school and I knew I would be there until release time so, I sent an email to the HotY stating not to stop to pick up the girls today since I would be at school.  When I got to the school I asked the school secretary to let the girls' teacher know they should not go into the pick-up line since I would be at school and could wait for them near the office.  Great.  Bases covered. 

Fast forward 90 minutes - announcements are made and Lauren & Syd are instructed to come to the office for pick-up.  A few minutes later in walks the HotY.  What are you doing here we each asked?  Well apparently he did not get my email.  I got the situation cleared up after at least 2 explanations and he went on his way.  Next came the girls.  "Mom, why are you here?" "Why did we need to come to the office for pick-up?"  "Where is dad?"  I'm here for a meeting.  You came to the office because I am here for a meeting.  Your dad is at home because I was here for a meeting.  You would think that would have ended the conversation but nope - my curious little angels just couldn't grasp the change.  "you mean you were in a meeting here?"  "how did dad know he shouldn't pick us up?"  "I still don't know why we had to come to the office".  By the time we pulled into the garage I was not explaining any longer.  Really, the concept, it wasn't that difficult, at least I didn't think so but apparently I was wrong.  Boy no sudden moves in this family :-).

TTFN... and I will definitely think twice before I make any schedule changes again.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Oh My Gosh...

or in other words, let's talk about sex.  I was going to use that (the sex thing) as the title of my post but then I remembered what happened when I titled one of my entries "girls gone wild" and really, I don't want that happening again (people using that phrase as a search and ultimately landing on my blog - I can only imagine what a "let's talk about sex" search would bring here).  ANYWAY, I thought I would put the topic out there for you right away so if you are skittish about this kind of thing you should just move along now.  Sooooo, today in the car one of the girls asked what a period was (and they weren't discussing grammar) so I tried to explain the menstrual cycle on a third grade level.  A mom's body thinks it is going to have a baby every month so it prepares a little nest for the egg and when the egg comes but there is no baby the body has to get rid of the nest so the mom bleeds for a little bit and the nest is gone.  Okay fine that seemed to go well, I felt pretty smug and clever.  Oh but wait, a question  "mom how come a mommy doesn't have a LOT of babies?  How does the baby get in the egg?"  Ummm, well, the mom and dad have to do a special hug to make the egg turn into a baby.   Oh good another question, "Mom every time you hug you could have a baby?"  Ummmm, well the mom and dad have to do a special hug without their clothes on.  " MOM, YUCK that is just gross.  Why would you ever want to do that?"  And then Syd, in her infinite wisdom said "well, if I ever decide I want to do that I am totally closing my eyes, or I'll wait for a power outage" at which time Lauren spoke up and said "why are we still talking about this".  It sort of shut down the conversation - although I was sure to tell them I did not want to find out they had been talking about this at school to which they both responded "ewww why would we want to talk about that at school it is GROSS".  Man, I hope they think it is gross until they are at least twenty!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Yes, I know...

it has been awhile.  I don't even know if I can remember what has happened since we last talked.  I know, considering the exciting life I lead and all.  Well, let's see...  I went and looked at a group home for Alex.  It is an apartment building with common areas on the main floor (living room, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, and laundry) and two bedroom "apartments" on the 2nd floor.  Each apartment has two bedrooms, a bathroom and a living area.   I met the staff but none of the individuals living there as they were all out and about.  There is 24 hour supervision and I liked the set-up and the idea that Alex would have a space of his own when he wanted time away.  And he can decorate it any way he would want to once he moved in.  When I talked to Alex about this at home he told me very adamantly that he would not be moving out and he would be living right here.  I can see this is going to take many discussions.  I am sure it is very confusing to him.  I mean why would he want to move out and why would we want him to move out?  And just to be clear, I'm not in any hurry to see him leave - I've always thought 21 would be the ideal age for him to try life "on his own" but if a good spot becomes available things might happen more quickly.  As it is Alex is spending more time away from us in outside activities, respite, etc.  I feel so guilty, like I am abandoning him or something as I am here and all.  But we have been told this is good and it is part of the transition.  Okay...  but I still feel guilty - like I'm a lady of leisure without responsibilities.  Dang it where are my bon-bons?

Yes, yes, yes, I have been watching Dancing with the Stars.  I'm glad that Kristin or Kristy or Christa or whatever her name is went home last night but it must have been a huge slap in the face to her as Chas Bono is still in the running even though he can barely move his he/she butt across the room.  Speaking of Chas, I find him kind of likable and could care less about his sexual gender orientation as long as he doesn't show up at my door like a Jehovah's Witness asking me to check out his "Watchtower".  Then again, I wouldn't want anyone showing up at my door asking for that unless it was Kyle Chandler or Rob Lowe or My Mario or ...

So moving on, Syd reorganized the bathroom cupboard above the toilet (the most poorly designed concept EVER) and now every time I open that cupboard door something falls out and lands in the toilet.  So far it has been primarily fingernail polish which then goes in the garbage.  I wonder how long until the girls notice their supply is dwindling...

TTFN... and NEVER install a cupboard over your toilet no matter how short on space you may be - it's a BAD decision.  Trust me.