Tuesday, October 18, 2011

We have communication problems...

or my family does not deal well with change. 

Today I had a meeting at the girls' school and I knew I would be there until release time so, I sent an email to the HotY stating not to stop to pick up the girls today since I would be at school.  When I got to the school I asked the school secretary to let the girls' teacher know they should not go into the pick-up line since I would be at school and could wait for them near the office.  Great.  Bases covered. 

Fast forward 90 minutes - announcements are made and Lauren & Syd are instructed to come to the office for pick-up.  A few minutes later in walks the HotY.  What are you doing here we each asked?  Well apparently he did not get my email.  I got the situation cleared up after at least 2 explanations and he went on his way.  Next came the girls.  "Mom, why are you here?" "Why did we need to come to the office for pick-up?"  "Where is dad?"  I'm here for a meeting.  You came to the office because I am here for a meeting.  Your dad is at home because I was here for a meeting.  You would think that would have ended the conversation but nope - my curious little angels just couldn't grasp the change.  "you mean you were in a meeting here?"  "how did dad know he shouldn't pick us up?"  "I still don't know why we had to come to the office".  By the time we pulled into the garage I was not explaining any longer.  Really, the concept, it wasn't that difficult, at least I didn't think so but apparently I was wrong.  Boy no sudden moves in this family :-).

TTFN... and I will definitely think twice before I make any schedule changes again.

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