Saturday, October 8, 2011

Oh My Gosh...

or in other words, let's talk about sex.  I was going to use that (the sex thing) as the title of my post but then I remembered what happened when I titled one of my entries "girls gone wild" and really, I don't want that happening again (people using that phrase as a search and ultimately landing on my blog - I can only imagine what a "let's talk about sex" search would bring here).  ANYWAY, I thought I would put the topic out there for you right away so if you are skittish about this kind of thing you should just move along now.  Sooooo, today in the car one of the girls asked what a period was (and they weren't discussing grammar) so I tried to explain the menstrual cycle on a third grade level.  A mom's body thinks it is going to have a baby every month so it prepares a little nest for the egg and when the egg comes but there is no baby the body has to get rid of the nest so the mom bleeds for a little bit and the nest is gone.  Okay fine that seemed to go well, I felt pretty smug and clever.  Oh but wait, a question  "mom how come a mommy doesn't have a LOT of babies?  How does the baby get in the egg?"  Ummm, well, the mom and dad have to do a special hug to make the egg turn into a baby.   Oh good another question, "Mom every time you hug you could have a baby?"  Ummmm, well the mom and dad have to do a special hug without their clothes on.  " MOM, YUCK that is just gross.  Why would you ever want to do that?"  And then Syd, in her infinite wisdom said "well, if I ever decide I want to do that I am totally closing my eyes, or I'll wait for a power outage" at which time Lauren spoke up and said "why are we still talking about this".  It sort of shut down the conversation - although I was sure to tell them I did not want to find out they had been talking about this at school to which they both responded "ewww why would we want to talk about that at school it is GROSS".  Man, I hope they think it is gross until they are at least twenty!

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