Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I have a confession...

You know that road I talk about - the one that goes by the Walmart Zone - the one that I must travel each morning on my way to work - the one that is posted as 40 mph but seems compelled to draw 30 mph drivers? Well, yesterday, I was one of those slow drivers. But wait, before you start ahhhahhhahhhing me you need to know it was SLIPPERY! Never-the-less there was some guy in a big SUV right ON MY BUTT the entire time. Yes, I know he was probably inside his big SUV saying "it's 40, it's 40, it's 40" but IT WAS SLIPPERY - so speed limits don't count. Besides I knew I was driving slow which is an entirely different story than driving slow and being OBLIVIOUS to the posted speed limit. Seriously!

By the way it was five lanes of TRAFFIC that Frogger had to cross each screen. Ms. Amy Smarty Pants and I have already discussed the errors of her ways and she apologizes for leading you all astray...

Today's question is MUCH easier:
What smash 1987 comedy was hyped: "They changed her diapers. She changed their lives"?


Monday, February 26, 2007

About that Frogger question...

So far NO ONE has the correct answer. Ms. Smarty Pants "I'm Purrrrfect" Amy thinks she knows the answer but I don't see her posting any numbers. I'll give you a hint, it's an odd number :-)

Not much to say today so I'll just give you a picture - to prove that it's true - I've been knitting and knitting and knitting.

Enjoy and until tomorrow...

Oh, and no new question until the mystery of Frogger is solved.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

I can't believe I forgot...

in my fascination with the Real Desperate Housewives I totally forgot to post my 80s' question of the day - so without further ado:

How many lanes of traffic did the frog need to cross on each screen, in the original Frogger?

And this is what has been happening around here today:

And this is what I did Friday night:

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Am I really going to admit this...

So, here it is, Saturday evening, we are in the middle of an ice/snow storm, blizzard warnings are scrolling across the TV screen AND I'm watching The Real Housewives of the OC. Did I just say that? I mean really how pathetic. But, well I watched the marathon on Monday and it is just so tragic I had to flip it on when I saw it in the channel line-up tonight. It's certainly not Grey's Anatomy and I wouldn't call it riveting but it is so interesting to see how materialistic and shallow these women can be that I am compelled to watch :-)

BUT it isn't all mindless TV - I'm knitting while I'm watching. Oh and about that knitting; four, yes, I said FOUR sweaters have been completed. Fine they are size 3T sweaters but still - they are completed and off the needles. Two have even been worn already. The other two need blocking (not really sure how to do the blocking - do you have to block when it is machine washable and tumble dryable? Anyone? Anna?) and ribbon added. I have started on Alex's red sweater. This is a much bigger project. And I did do TWO scrapbook layouts last night. I'll post tomorrow. So at least I'm productive while being superficial :-)

Okay I have to go, someone just got a new Mercedes convertible from her unattractive but rich boyfriend. Hey I didn't say I don't have dreams... (LOL)! Oh Oh Oh wait, one of the daughters is having a party, she's getting ready, she's using Aussie Mega hairspray. You know, that stuff that makes your hair smell like Grape Jolly Ranchers (which we used to call Kisses where I grew up - did anyone else call them that? Or was it just some quirky thing in our town? Beth, remember calling them kisses?). Anyway, I just had to use that dang hairspray the other day because I was out of my good stuff. Syd came in the bathroom and the first words out of her mouth were "mom, do you have candy?" Like that surprises you... Anyway, see it's that ESP thing of mine happening again. I haven't used or thought of that hairspray in months and months and months (it was a desperate purchase) and then I use it and two days later - there it is - on TV. It just goes to show you, life is quirky :-)

Later Gater.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

And then there was Syd...

I'm home today - sick kids again. This time it's Syd. She's been coughing and running a fever and now throwing up - but I think that is due to the coughing. Like a bad mother I sent her to daycare thinking that she would feel better once the day progressed. WRONG! I got a call around 9:30. So here I am. Right now she is tucked into our bed watching the Disney Channel and moaning every once in a while just so I know she isn't feeling well - in case I forgot :-) Truly, the fact that she has been laying around lately instead of being the whirling dervish she usually is I should have known she was coming down with something.

I mean, seriously, this is a child that did not close her eyes for twelve hours after she was born. She was a teeny, tiny little thing (3lbs 8oz) and the nurses finally had to cover her incubator with a blanket so she would close her eyes and sleep. I am not kidding about this. And it has been like that ever since.

Syd loves life. She loves to wake up every morning (on her own terms of course) and greet the day with a big "the sun is shining" shout. She twirls and jumps around like every moment is a reason for dancing. And just when you think it is all about adventure she turns around and is the most loving bunch of energy you have ever met. Tucking in her babies, handing out treats just because she wants to be nice, just generally sharing her delight with the world. That's my Syd. And even though she can be exasperating beyond words she is my breath of fresh air. My shaft of sunlight. Yep, that's my Syd. To know her is to love her!

Oh, and I'm sorry for the pitiful post the other day. There are just times, you know? And remember I told you - when I feel bad I want the world to feel bad with me :-) Have I mentioned how much I miss the smiley???

And yes the answer to the question was Tone Loc and Wild Thing. Now if those songs don't have you doing the chair dance...

And today we have a question and a bonus question - which, once again, will get you a hand crafted monogram. Here we go:

What was the only Bruce Springsteen single of the 80s' to reach as high as number two on the Billboard Hot 100?

And the Bonus: Who is the now famous actress that can be seen dancing in the music video of this song?

Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday - the happiest day of the week...

I mean really, could today be any better? It's Friday. I heard Funky Cold Medina on the radio this morning. The weekend is spread before me like a red carpet. The hubby of the year and I are going out for dinner tonight - LESS children. I don't have to pick the kids up from daycare so I might get a quick cat nap in after I get home from work. AND it's the designated diet cheat day. So see it's all goodness.

Oh and yes, I did say going out for dinner without children. Do you know what that means? It means cocktails, and being able to sit, quietly, without picking up crayons from the floor, it means not having to call for a towel to wipe up spilled beverages, and being able to use the ladies room without a "don't touch anything" warning and having to discuss bodily functions or what the person in the next stall may be doing AND returning to the table without water splashed clothing and slippery shoes. Yes, it will be a nice dinner.

And yes, I'll miss the kids and all but just when I start to become a little misty-eyed I will look around and find that one family, the one with the parents that have their hands on their heads and the "if I were at home I'd be screaming right now" look on their faces and I will know I did the right thing. LESS kids is a good thing on a Friday night.

So that's the greatness of Friday. I don't know that I could want for more - seriously.

As long as I mentioned it - just who sang Funky Cold Medina and what was his other hit? So that's the question of the day. Got it?

And I have to tell you, I lied earlier, about dinner. If you know me, in real life, and have ever been with me when food and drink is involved you know that it is highly LIKELY that there will be spilled beverages or food. That's just the way it is with me. I worship the Tide Stain Stick as my personal god...


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It's all about the candy...

At least as far as Syd is concerned. When asked her favorite part of the first Valentine's she understands her answer - "the candy of course". Yep, that's my girl, she recognizes the important aspect of all events! Lauren on the other hand thought the heart-shaped balloon from her sweetheart (daddy) was the best part of all and Alex didn't have a preference - when you're 14 Valentine's day is nothing but dumb.

As for me - this year there weren't any flowers or candies or even a fancy dinner but that's okay because I got a pretty card and a love letter. When was the last time you received a love letter? I think it should be a requirement in all relationships - the unexpected, from the heart love letter - but then maybe that would take the significance out of it. Pretty soon it might become another obligation in the obligation filled adult world that we all have to deal with sooner or later. "Oh shoot time to renew my driver's license and write the yearly love letter." Yep maybe making it a relationship requirement isn't the right road.

So tonight, in the real world of kids and house payments and pets and marriage we enjoyed frozen pizza and will be heading out to witness the first annual hip-hop dance recital that Alex is participating in. But I wouldn't trade it for all the flowery valentines and dating angst in the world. You can't measure real, mature love with material things.

Oh and those flowers - they are from my friend's flower shop - Le Jardin. Aren't they gorgeous? Enjoy...
And the most recent answer "Like a Virgin" - of course.
And tonight's question. What was I doing on Valentine's Day 1990? Oh wait that's a 90's question. Oh well that's it. I gotta go, I've got a crowd of antsy hip-hoppers waiting!

Monday, February 12, 2007

So about my love/hate relationship...

with Target. You know there was a time when I loved Target. I loved all their fun, trendy stuff. All their pretty trinkets and shiny housewares. I could spend hours traversing their aisles looking for that just perfect item I really didn't need but had to have. It was a match made in heaven. BUT THEN something changed. My love for Target started to wane. I found that I wasn't as eager to jump in the car and visit their hair care aisle. I put off making trips to the sacred red bulls eye. But WHAT changed? How come my beloved Target started to lose it's enchantment?

Well maybe it was the time that I tried to exchange a DEFECTIVE bottle of deodorant and was subjected to their ludicrous exchange policy. The fact that I only wanted to trade my bottle (obviously full) with an exact same bottle - THAT WORKED did not matter since I did not have the elusive receipt in hand and heaven forbid had actually paid CASH for that bottle of deodorant. I mean really what could I have been thinking? Finally after cashing in my one of three opportunities to make a return without a receipt by using my driver's license I was able to go home with a new WORKING bottle of deodorant securely in hand.

Or maybe it was the Christmas deal where there was not a Barbie outfit to be found. There were thousands of naked Barbies clamoring for clothing - but not a stitch was to be found at Target, as far as Target is concerned that is Barbie's problem - don't bother the corporate giant with personal problems.

But I think the last straw was yesterday when I let the allure of Target and all it has to promise (including the dollar spot - which now seems to have become the $2.50 spot) seduce me into its wide gleaming aisles. I mean I actually ignored all common sense and not only went to Target but went to Target on a Sunday afternoon. And not just any Sunday afternoon but a Sunday afternoon before an event (because I don't really know if I can qualify Valentine's day as a Holiday) AND the first Sunday that the temps had surpassed the 0 degree mark in over ten days. Yes, even with all those points against it - still Target won. So I went. I should have just walked out when I saw the crowd in the five Valentine aisles - but my kids needed Valentine's to exchange at school - I had a mission. So I approached with anticipation and some caution to find that this was the most opportune time for the shelves to be stocked? Excuse me - did they not see the crowd of people trying to bypass the stock cart obstacle and annoying red shirts to reap the rewards of the Target shelves? Have they not heard of after hours stocking? But then things just got worse. It seems that not only is Target devoid of Barbie clothing - they are also devoid of Valentine's for classroom exchanges. Sure I could have purchased the pack of 8 but they were $4.99 each and I needed 50 Valentine's. SO by the time I got up to the checkout area with it's myriad of shoppers sizing up the lines and trying to select the most strategic location I was not a happy camper. And then I saw it. TWO lanes designated as 10 items or less with no waiting. Well by this time I was so frustrated with Target I didn't care how much it would irritate them to see me pile my 20+ items in their 10 or less items line. TOO BAD! Deal with it.

So that's it. That's the break-up story. I am no longer with Target. I am no longer going to be influenced by the fancy advertising and trendy products. From now on I am going to ShopKo (you really didn't think I was going to say Walmart did you?). Seriously. So don't look for me at Target anymore. I have given up on this love affair. I just can't deal with the pain and frustration any longer.

Okay so the Fraggle Rock question? You people knew that Bob Fosse answer but you didn't know the answer to a question about Fraggle Rock? Finally an anonymous (Hi Ann!) poster came up with the right answer - SPROCKET. Thanks anonymous (Ann)!

So are we going back to easy street? Please don't hurt me like Target - I'm fragile right now. I need your participation. I need your 80s' knowledge. I must persevere!

What was Madonna's maiden number one hit?

That's it. That's the question. You have to know this one. Don't let me down. Answer the question. Know the question. Post for the love of the question...

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Crabby, let's talk crabby...

Yes, it's true. I am not only crabby tonight I am beyond crabby. Grrrr. And it's Thursday night. But not even the thought of McSteamy and McDreamy, McJerky and McWhiny can turn this frown upside down.

I really don't know what my problem is. Maybe it is, well you know, that monthly stuff. Or maybe it is this dang cold weather that we have been enduring for over a week - which not only makes it extremely unpleasant to be outside but also means there has been no shirking of the winter coat. And we all know how I feel about the winter coat. If you don't it's back in the archive's somewhere - I think near the beginning. And I know, I know, I could post a link but have I not mentioned the crabby thing? Regardless of the reason for the no pleasin' (me) it's true (okay I made that little rhyme, I'm feeling a little better - that and the fact that for some reason Lauren just came up, put her hand on Syd's head and said "oh my child" - I have no idea it's just the way my kids are - quirky mom - quirky kids - the good thing - so far no crabby coming from them).

So in an effort to turn the tide from all things - rhymes with witchy - I'll tell you about my trip to the yarn store. I went to the yarn store because I will finish the girls sweaters this weekend and I will be ready for another project. And really if there is one thing I need it is another money sucking hobby. It isn't like I haven't done my share for the economy with this scrapbooking thing (and anyone who thinks that is a cheap hobby obviously has never stepped foot in a scrapbook store). So in truth I am feeling a little guilty. But I'll get over it - I'd hate to be a one trick pony.

Okay I just need to point out a little something here... McHubby in his quest for I'm not sure what - decided we should replace our heavily used lights with the energy saving fluorescent bulbs. Well let me tell you - those bulbs suck. Everything was bathed in a flat blue/white light. Even the girls were complaining. Soooo I made him remove them - all. I know not very environmentally conscious of me - but the dark of winter is bad enough I don't need flat harsh light compounding the problem. But as I am sitting here MISTER Environmentally Conscious is sitting next to me while no less than six rooms have lights on - and did I mention no one is in even one of those six rooms. But guess who walked by ALL SIX switches at one time or another in the last fifteen minutes and didn't brother to flip off one switch? Yes, that's right, Mr. Environmentally Conscious. Hey I might have nixed the fluorescent lights but that is because I know how to turn off a light switch.

Oh and no new question today - no one has answered the last one so you aren't getting a new one - so there!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Oh crum...

Okay so I screwed up. The correct answer of the question about Dirty Dancing wasn't given first by Maija (if you look there isn't any comment from Maija - but she emailed me - really, she did)! The correct answer was given first by the wonderful stupendous WENDY!!!

Okay back to your regularly scheduled diversions...

I'm a Wii (we)...

Well last night McHubby came home with the Nintendo Wii player thingie. I don't know what the technical name is - console? Tower? Game Box? I have no idea. All I know is as game thingies go this one is more attractive than most. Have you seen it? It's kind of sleek. Oh and did I mention it's FUN! I'm not really much of a video game person (well except for that short fascination with the Sims - but really that was all about changing Sim clothes and making people fall in love and make out in the hot tub) but I played the Wii one day and decided it was worth the money McHubby was hinting at spending.

Last night we played tennis and baseball, we went golfing and bowling but we didn't do boxing. That would have entailed the addition of another controller thingie and we aren't that advanced yet. Oh and the best part we got to make little Miis (see Sims note above)! AND we are allowing them to travel. So if you have a Wii and you allow travelers we may be coming to visit you - I'll be wearing pink :-)

That's it. I know you are so disappointed. Reading lately is like listening to me give the weather forecast (which is COLD and snowy and icy by the way). But I promise things will liven up. REALLY! Trust me.

Um the 80's answer from Monday: FRANCES. Hooray to Maija! And today (and I think this is a hard one):
What was the name of the dog on Fraggle Rock? Anyone???

Okay, gotta go but look for mii on a tennis court near you!

Monday, February 5, 2007

It's all about Lauren...

I try to refrain from talking about my kids on this blog - at least not too much anyway. After all it is the internet and all. And besides – don’t we all have kids, know kids, or at least see kids that we think are the greatest in the world? I mean really, you think yours are the best I think mine are the best – and we are both right so why start a fight? But today I’m breaking my own rules; I have to talk about my daughter Lauren.

Lauren is the most stubborn, persnickety, must have it her own way, heartbreakingly sweet, little girl you ever wanted to meet. Seriously! This is a little girl that will bring you a blanket that weighs more than she does because you mentioned you were cold. This is a little girl who will come up and tell you that she loves you just because. This is a little girl who loves and adores her brother and thinks he is her personal hero. This is a little girl who worries about her sister if she can’t see her in her own little bed in the middle of the night. This is a little girl who would befriend any child if it would make them laugh. This is a little girl who would give you the world with a smile and all her love. This is my Lauren. She is constantly amazing me with her kind soul and loving heart. Sure she has that Kleenex thing but really, she is the kind of little girl that makes you wish you had a dozen.

But, I can’t think of Lauren without a bittersweet tugging at my own heart. I don’t want her to feel heartbreak, or cynicism, or disenchantment. I want her to always believe that the world is her kingdom - but she has her own plans. She wants to grow up so fast and experience all that life has to offer. All I can do is watch and whisper “slow down, slow down, slow down”.

The other night she told me she wanted to grow up and get big like me - I told her “no – don’t get big”. She ran to her dad and said “Mommy said I can’t be a mommy” – she was sad (and that ISN’T what I said). But she won’t get it. She won’t know until she is a mommy and feels the heartache of watching her own little girl grow. Knowing it has to happen, it’s the best thing to happen, that you really don’t want them to be children forever but yet not being able to let go without feeling 100 degrees of sad. Man this mom stuff is hard. Who knew?

Okay so now to deal with that question from that era BEFORE I was a mom. The answer to Thursday's question was Valley Girl. This is a must see movie. It's right up there with Mystic Pizza!

And for today let's go back to the movies:

In 'Dirty Dancing' what was Baby's real name?

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, February 3, 2007

It's just too much...

Okay here I am watching the replay of the Miss America pageant. And I have to admit I am going to be changing the channel VERY soon. Sure Mario looks good - okay he looks great. He's got that nice suit on and his hair looks good and the dimples are in place but, and I can't believe I am going to say this, he lacks charisma. I know. But seriously, could it be that he is just another pretty face? All looks and no substance? Have I been deluding myself into thinking that the guy behind the face was as intriguing as his great butt?

Really, how many times have you met that to-die-for guy only to find that he isn't nearly as attractive once he rates a zero in the personality department? Give me an average guy with a great personality and a good sense of humor and I will think they are the best looking guy in the room. Now I know what you are thinking - Angie, you're a married girl, and I know I am but that doesn't mean that I can't remember what it was like to be an unmarried girl. And besides don't we all appreciate a cute, witty, clever, intelligent, funny guy. I mean really do we ever stop noticing?

Okay this is just getting too darn deep for me and I have to find the remote so I can change the channel. I feel sorry for Mario. He could have done so much better with a little personality to match his darling dimples. I wonder how Rob Lowe would have done hosting? I'm betting on a personality to match the looks. Man, I hope I'm not wrong again...

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Mighty Deb Saves the Day!

So thanks to a comment from Deb I have found that CMT is rebroadcasting the Miss America pageant all week. If you had plans to call me Saturday night don't - I have a date with a couple of dimples and a great butt!

By the way, check out Deb's website. She creates great wood letters in a whole variety of fonts. And while I am talking about my links I am absolutely fascinated with Anna's My Fashionable Life blog. She is a knitwear designer and her designs are wonderful. I was so restless with dreams of adorable sweaters I barely slept! Or else it was still that Mario thing...

And Cathy was the winner of the bonus question! HOORAY for Cathy. Oh and the answer was Owner of a Broken Heart, the title of the Album was 90125 and the album art was a white album with a triangle in the middle with neon colors around it. A monogram will be coming your way. Please send me your address and color preference. You can email me at cupcakepea@hotmail.com. And Angela, your monogram is complete. It goes in the mail tomorrow.

And for today: What 1983 movie stars Nicholas Cage as a punk rocker? Now only a true 80s girl will know the answer to this question!

Okay gotta go. My Name is Earl is starting. I have heard there was an I'm Purrrfect sweatshirt sighting last week!

Oh I almost forgot - I said I would post my recent layouts and I know you are probably just dying to see them so here they are! My favorite - Unique scanned kind of funky because of the embellishments.
And coming soon to a blog near you - knitting projects. Man I have an exciting life :-)