Monday, February 12, 2007

So about my love/hate relationship...

with Target. You know there was a time when I loved Target. I loved all their fun, trendy stuff. All their pretty trinkets and shiny housewares. I could spend hours traversing their aisles looking for that just perfect item I really didn't need but had to have. It was a match made in heaven. BUT THEN something changed. My love for Target started to wane. I found that I wasn't as eager to jump in the car and visit their hair care aisle. I put off making trips to the sacred red bulls eye. But WHAT changed? How come my beloved Target started to lose it's enchantment?

Well maybe it was the time that I tried to exchange a DEFECTIVE bottle of deodorant and was subjected to their ludicrous exchange policy. The fact that I only wanted to trade my bottle (obviously full) with an exact same bottle - THAT WORKED did not matter since I did not have the elusive receipt in hand and heaven forbid had actually paid CASH for that bottle of deodorant. I mean really what could I have been thinking? Finally after cashing in my one of three opportunities to make a return without a receipt by using my driver's license I was able to go home with a new WORKING bottle of deodorant securely in hand.

Or maybe it was the Christmas deal where there was not a Barbie outfit to be found. There were thousands of naked Barbies clamoring for clothing - but not a stitch was to be found at Target, as far as Target is concerned that is Barbie's problem - don't bother the corporate giant with personal problems.

But I think the last straw was yesterday when I let the allure of Target and all it has to promise (including the dollar spot - which now seems to have become the $2.50 spot) seduce me into its wide gleaming aisles. I mean I actually ignored all common sense and not only went to Target but went to Target on a Sunday afternoon. And not just any Sunday afternoon but a Sunday afternoon before an event (because I don't really know if I can qualify Valentine's day as a Holiday) AND the first Sunday that the temps had surpassed the 0 degree mark in over ten days. Yes, even with all those points against it - still Target won. So I went. I should have just walked out when I saw the crowd in the five Valentine aisles - but my kids needed Valentine's to exchange at school - I had a mission. So I approached with anticipation and some caution to find that this was the most opportune time for the shelves to be stocked? Excuse me - did they not see the crowd of people trying to bypass the stock cart obstacle and annoying red shirts to reap the rewards of the Target shelves? Have they not heard of after hours stocking? But then things just got worse. It seems that not only is Target devoid of Barbie clothing - they are also devoid of Valentine's for classroom exchanges. Sure I could have purchased the pack of 8 but they were $4.99 each and I needed 50 Valentine's. SO by the time I got up to the checkout area with it's myriad of shoppers sizing up the lines and trying to select the most strategic location I was not a happy camper. And then I saw it. TWO lanes designated as 10 items or less with no waiting. Well by this time I was so frustrated with Target I didn't care how much it would irritate them to see me pile my 20+ items in their 10 or less items line. TOO BAD! Deal with it.

So that's it. That's the break-up story. I am no longer with Target. I am no longer going to be influenced by the fancy advertising and trendy products. From now on I am going to ShopKo (you really didn't think I was going to say Walmart did you?). Seriously. So don't look for me at Target anymore. I have given up on this love affair. I just can't deal with the pain and frustration any longer.

Okay so the Fraggle Rock question? You people knew that Bob Fosse answer but you didn't know the answer to a question about Fraggle Rock? Finally an anonymous (Hi Ann!) poster came up with the right answer - SPROCKET. Thanks anonymous (Ann)!

So are we going back to easy street? Please don't hurt me like Target - I'm fragile right now. I need your participation. I need your 80s' knowledge. I must persevere!

What was Madonna's maiden number one hit?

That's it. That's the question. You have to know this one. Don't let me down. Answer the question. Know the question. Post for the love of the question...


Shirley said...


Renee (redhead68) said...


Angie, I just went to that Paper Warehouse place or Factory Card Outlet...over by VIP & they had a great selection of valentines & a short line!


deb said...

Frustration city! I seriously think it's a bad week for everybody. I feel for ya!

Madonna was my favorite! Like a Virgin is the answer! (I saw her in concert during her Vogue days.) Loved it! :o)

Maija said...

Everybody, then Holiday.
early 80's...perhaps 84/85?

mo said...

I am going to say "Holiday" I am torn between that and like a virgin but I think the skankiness snuck in after the happy groove of Holiday had won all of us 6th graders over. I have to say that I agree with you on the Target thing. I still think they do a good job of bringing good design to the masses, but their policies are applaing. They have gotten a bit big for their britches and have forgotten that we all aren't just shoplifting freaks who are trying to rip them off.