Sunday, February 25, 2007

I can't believe I forgot...

in my fascination with the Real Desperate Housewives I totally forgot to post my 80s' question of the day - so without further ado:

How many lanes of traffic did the frog need to cross on each screen, in the original Frogger?

And this is what has been happening around here today:

And this is what I did Friday night:


Shirley said...

adorable pictures! love the new layouts!

deb said...

Look at those layouts - love em! I think the lanes for Frogger is 6?? I don't know that for sure I'm really just guessing. :)

wendy said...

frogger: 8??

love that look on your son's face...that is awesome!!

Amy said...

Thanks for the pictures and love those pages! And those cute.

Frogger. Know this one. Want my answer? First ( ) rows were vehicles and the last ( ) was a river. Need more info? :)

elizabeth said...

lo's are stunning!

as far as guess is either 6 or 8. or maybe