Thursday, February 1, 2007

Mighty Deb Saves the Day!

So thanks to a comment from Deb I have found that CMT is rebroadcasting the Miss America pageant all week. If you had plans to call me Saturday night don't - I have a date with a couple of dimples and a great butt!

By the way, check out Deb's website. She creates great wood letters in a whole variety of fonts. And while I am talking about my links I am absolutely fascinated with Anna's My Fashionable Life blog. She is a knitwear designer and her designs are wonderful. I was so restless with dreams of adorable sweaters I barely slept! Or else it was still that Mario thing...

And Cathy was the winner of the bonus question! HOORAY for Cathy. Oh and the answer was Owner of a Broken Heart, the title of the Album was 90125 and the album art was a white album with a triangle in the middle with neon colors around it. A monogram will be coming your way. Please send me your address and color preference. You can email me at And Angela, your monogram is complete. It goes in the mail tomorrow.

And for today: What 1983 movie stars Nicholas Cage as a punk rocker? Now only a true 80s girl will know the answer to this question!

Okay gotta go. My Name is Earl is starting. I have heard there was an I'm Purrrfect sweatshirt sighting last week!

Oh I almost forgot - I said I would post my recent layouts and I know you are probably just dying to see them so here they are! My favorite - Unique scanned kind of funky because of the embellishments.
And coming soon to a blog near you - knitting projects. Man I have an exciting life :-)

1 comment:

deb said...

Aw - thanks kindly! Glad I could help. :)

And I think the answer is Valley Girl.