Thursday, February 8, 2007

Crabby, let's talk crabby...

Yes, it's true. I am not only crabby tonight I am beyond crabby. Grrrr. And it's Thursday night. But not even the thought of McSteamy and McDreamy, McJerky and McWhiny can turn this frown upside down.

I really don't know what my problem is. Maybe it is, well you know, that monthly stuff. Or maybe it is this dang cold weather that we have been enduring for over a week - which not only makes it extremely unpleasant to be outside but also means there has been no shirking of the winter coat. And we all know how I feel about the winter coat. If you don't it's back in the archive's somewhere - I think near the beginning. And I know, I know, I could post a link but have I not mentioned the crabby thing? Regardless of the reason for the no pleasin' (me) it's true (okay I made that little rhyme, I'm feeling a little better - that and the fact that for some reason Lauren just came up, put her hand on Syd's head and said "oh my child" - I have no idea it's just the way my kids are - quirky mom - quirky kids - the good thing - so far no crabby coming from them).

So in an effort to turn the tide from all things - rhymes with witchy - I'll tell you about my trip to the yarn store. I went to the yarn store because I will finish the girls sweaters this weekend and I will be ready for another project. And really if there is one thing I need it is another money sucking hobby. It isn't like I haven't done my share for the economy with this scrapbooking thing (and anyone who thinks that is a cheap hobby obviously has never stepped foot in a scrapbook store). So in truth I am feeling a little guilty. But I'll get over it - I'd hate to be a one trick pony.

Okay I just need to point out a little something here... McHubby in his quest for I'm not sure what - decided we should replace our heavily used lights with the energy saving fluorescent bulbs. Well let me tell you - those bulbs suck. Everything was bathed in a flat blue/white light. Even the girls were complaining. Soooo I made him remove them - all. I know not very environmentally conscious of me - but the dark of winter is bad enough I don't need flat harsh light compounding the problem. But as I am sitting here MISTER Environmentally Conscious is sitting next to me while no less than six rooms have lights on - and did I mention no one is in even one of those six rooms. But guess who walked by ALL SIX switches at one time or another in the last fifteen minutes and didn't brother to flip off one switch? Yes, that's right, Mr. Environmentally Conscious. Hey I might have nixed the fluorescent lights but that is because I know how to turn off a light switch.

Oh and no new question today - no one has answered the last one so you aren't getting a new one - so there!


Amy said...

Well it Friday now so perk up! Think of all of the yarning you can do this weekend. Making me my scarf...:)

Oh and thought I would tell you that Ihave no clue what the answer is for the question. Never watched that one.

deb said...

I hate days like that when you want nothing to do with the world and nothing seems to go right. But.. it's almost the weekend! That's gotta count for something. Sending hugs your way!

And I never watched Fraggle Rock either so no idea on that one.

wendy said...

hate to be a one trick ha ha!!! well you may be crabby but that made me laugh!

Anonymous said...

ok, I posting my answer here :)
Did I miss the offer for a hand knit scarf?? Have a good one Ang!

Maija said... are so funny! You have a wonderful way of making all those household quirks so funny...I can relate!