Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday - the happiest day of the week...

I mean really, could today be any better? It's Friday. I heard Funky Cold Medina on the radio this morning. The weekend is spread before me like a red carpet. The hubby of the year and I are going out for dinner tonight - LESS children. I don't have to pick the kids up from daycare so I might get a quick cat nap in after I get home from work. AND it's the designated diet cheat day. So see it's all goodness.

Oh and yes, I did say going out for dinner without children. Do you know what that means? It means cocktails, and being able to sit, quietly, without picking up crayons from the floor, it means not having to call for a towel to wipe up spilled beverages, and being able to use the ladies room without a "don't touch anything" warning and having to discuss bodily functions or what the person in the next stall may be doing AND returning to the table without water splashed clothing and slippery shoes. Yes, it will be a nice dinner.

And yes, I'll miss the kids and all but just when I start to become a little misty-eyed I will look around and find that one family, the one with the parents that have their hands on their heads and the "if I were at home I'd be screaming right now" look on their faces and I will know I did the right thing. LESS kids is a good thing on a Friday night.

So that's the greatness of Friday. I don't know that I could want for more - seriously.

As long as I mentioned it - just who sang Funky Cold Medina and what was his other hit? So that's the question of the day. Got it?

And I have to tell you, I lied earlier, about dinner. If you know me, in real life, and have ever been with me when food and drink is involved you know that it is highly LIKELY that there will be spilled beverages or food. That's just the way it is with me. I worship the Tide Stain Stick as my personal god...



terri said...

so where are you going on your date? Does it have anything to do with the love letter? You should try Sommerby. I heard they have truly great deserts served table side. Since it's friday. Terri

Shirley said...

Tone Loc - Wild Thing, baby! I love both of those songs! LOL!

Have a great dinner!

deb said...

I hope you enjoyed yourself on your fabulous friday date MINUS children. You crack me up!

I love that song too but I didn't know who sang it until I saw Shirley's comment. Hubby and I watched Wedding Singer last night - talk about 80's flashbacks!

holly said...

hahaha....I truly did "LOL" when I read your post about the crayons on the floor, spilled beverages. Oh gosh. Every couple of months, my hubby and I have to have a date nite sans-kids too. It's so nice to have a margarita and just chat.
come see me at my blog some time! I'm a newbie at it, but it's fun.

Renee said... inspired me to get my Ton Loc CD out and I've got the head-bobbin' going on! My favorite verse..."Hi, my name is Sheena"....LOL! I would have to agree with Shirley...Wild Thing! I'd like to hear more about your adult date!!!