Wednesday, February 7, 2007

I'm a Wii (we)...

Well last night McHubby came home with the Nintendo Wii player thingie. I don't know what the technical name is - console? Tower? Game Box? I have no idea. All I know is as game thingies go this one is more attractive than most. Have you seen it? It's kind of sleek. Oh and did I mention it's FUN! I'm not really much of a video game person (well except for that short fascination with the Sims - but really that was all about changing Sim clothes and making people fall in love and make out in the hot tub) but I played the Wii one day and decided it was worth the money McHubby was hinting at spending.

Last night we played tennis and baseball, we went golfing and bowling but we didn't do boxing. That would have entailed the addition of another controller thingie and we aren't that advanced yet. Oh and the best part we got to make little Miis (see Sims note above)! AND we are allowing them to travel. So if you have a Wii and you allow travelers we may be coming to visit you - I'll be wearing pink :-)

That's it. I know you are so disappointed. Reading lately is like listening to me give the weather forecast (which is COLD and snowy and icy by the way). But I promise things will liven up. REALLY! Trust me.

Um the 80's answer from Monday: FRANCES. Hooray to Maija! And today (and I think this is a hard one):
What was the name of the dog on Fraggle Rock? Anyone???

Okay, gotta go but look for mii on a tennis court near you!

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wendy said...

hey i was right! (but my name is wendy...hee!)