Monday, February 5, 2007

It's all about Lauren...

I try to refrain from talking about my kids on this blog - at least not too much anyway. After all it is the internet and all. And besides – don’t we all have kids, know kids, or at least see kids that we think are the greatest in the world? I mean really, you think yours are the best I think mine are the best – and we are both right so why start a fight? But today I’m breaking my own rules; I have to talk about my daughter Lauren.

Lauren is the most stubborn, persnickety, must have it her own way, heartbreakingly sweet, little girl you ever wanted to meet. Seriously! This is a little girl that will bring you a blanket that weighs more than she does because you mentioned you were cold. This is a little girl who will come up and tell you that she loves you just because. This is a little girl who loves and adores her brother and thinks he is her personal hero. This is a little girl who worries about her sister if she can’t see her in her own little bed in the middle of the night. This is a little girl who would befriend any child if it would make them laugh. This is a little girl who would give you the world with a smile and all her love. This is my Lauren. She is constantly amazing me with her kind soul and loving heart. Sure she has that Kleenex thing but really, she is the kind of little girl that makes you wish you had a dozen.

But, I can’t think of Lauren without a bittersweet tugging at my own heart. I don’t want her to feel heartbreak, or cynicism, or disenchantment. I want her to always believe that the world is her kingdom - but she has her own plans. She wants to grow up so fast and experience all that life has to offer. All I can do is watch and whisper “slow down, slow down, slow down”.

The other night she told me she wanted to grow up and get big like me - I told her “no – don’t get big”. She ran to her dad and said “Mommy said I can’t be a mommy” – she was sad (and that ISN’T what I said). But she won’t get it. She won’t know until she is a mommy and feels the heartache of watching her own little girl grow. Knowing it has to happen, it’s the best thing to happen, that you really don’t want them to be children forever but yet not being able to let go without feeling 100 degrees of sad. Man this mom stuff is hard. Who knew?

Okay so now to deal with that question from that era BEFORE I was a mom. The answer to Thursday's question was Valley Girl. This is a must see movie. It's right up there with Mystic Pizza!

And for today let's go back to the movies:

In 'Dirty Dancing' what was Baby's real name?

Until tomorrow...


wendy said...

such a sweetie! thanks for sharing.

and wasn't baby's name frances???

deb said...

She's adorable! Yes.. frances. Loved that movie!

Maija said...

Mystic Pizza was one of my very favorite movies....I think we are soul sisters!!!