Saturday, February 24, 2007

Am I really going to admit this...

So, here it is, Saturday evening, we are in the middle of an ice/snow storm, blizzard warnings are scrolling across the TV screen AND I'm watching The Real Housewives of the OC. Did I just say that? I mean really how pathetic. But, well I watched the marathon on Monday and it is just so tragic I had to flip it on when I saw it in the channel line-up tonight. It's certainly not Grey's Anatomy and I wouldn't call it riveting but it is so interesting to see how materialistic and shallow these women can be that I am compelled to watch :-)

BUT it isn't all mindless TV - I'm knitting while I'm watching. Oh and about that knitting; four, yes, I said FOUR sweaters have been completed. Fine they are size 3T sweaters but still - they are completed and off the needles. Two have even been worn already. The other two need blocking (not really sure how to do the blocking - do you have to block when it is machine washable and tumble dryable? Anyone? Anna?) and ribbon added. I have started on Alex's red sweater. This is a much bigger project. And I did do TWO scrapbook layouts last night. I'll post tomorrow. So at least I'm productive while being superficial :-)

Okay I have to go, someone just got a new Mercedes convertible from her unattractive but rich boyfriend. Hey I didn't say I don't have dreams... (LOL)! Oh Oh Oh wait, one of the daughters is having a party, she's getting ready, she's using Aussie Mega hairspray. You know, that stuff that makes your hair smell like Grape Jolly Ranchers (which we used to call Kisses where I grew up - did anyone else call them that? Or was it just some quirky thing in our town? Beth, remember calling them kisses?). Anyway, I just had to use that dang hairspray the other day because I was out of my good stuff. Syd came in the bathroom and the first words out of her mouth were "mom, do you have candy?" Like that surprises you... Anyway, see it's that ESP thing of mine happening again. I haven't used or thought of that hairspray in months and months and months (it was a desperate purchase) and then I use it and two days later - there it is - on TV. It just goes to show you, life is quirky :-)

Later Gater.

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Amy said...

Hadn't heard from you. Glad you are surviving this crabby, I mean crappy weather! Thanks for the update. :)

p.s. check your email. I'm done with my challenge already! Next...