Friday, August 8, 2008

Old Friends...

sat on the park bench like bookends. Do you know this tune - this tune by Simon & Garfunkle. It is one of the most beautifully haunting songs I have ever heard. (Listen here)

I have old friends, one old friend in particular, the friend who has been there since we were seven years old. Whenever I hear this song (which is next to never) it immediately brings Roxann to mind (Roxann who has probably never even heard this Old Friends song because she is who she is and Simon and Garfunkle - probably not in her vocabulary). There is nothing like old friends to keep it in perspective.

Last night we were able to spend some quantity, quality time together (sure it was because of a roof catastrophe at her cabin - but you know sometimes it happens like that). We were two women (not mom's, not wives, not employees) on the road with a mission. Once we surveyed and photographed the roof cave-in (man I hope that stuff lying all over everything was not asbestos) we took a bottle of wine, sat on the dock, stared at the calm peaceful water while a perfect sunset moved in along the edges and talked and it was just like it was when we were seven and seventeen and twenty-seven and thirty-seven. Time may pass but the feelings remain the same. Not that there have not been misunderstandings, and harsh words, and things said that no one wants to hear, but still, the feelings remain the same. Love for those people that matter in your life.

Old friends... can you imagine us years from today?

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Wendy said...

I consider you an old friend Angie...and it's not because of your hidden age identity either! Love ya!