Monday, March 19, 2007

I have a sick child...

so it must be Monday. Why is it that my kids are prone to get sick on Sunday? Do they know I HATE calling in sick on a Monday. It is soooo cliche. Anyway, yep, sick kid. The flu. YUCK! Let's just say there is much laundry to be done... I'll spare the details.

So over the weekend I spent, oh I don't know, 48 hours at a scrapbook retreat. And what do I have to show for it? Four layouts and four birthday cards. Yep, I overachieved :-) But I did teach a make & take for over three hours. That took a big chunk out of my productivity. Here's what I got done (you did know I'd be sharing - right)

She is sucking on the beater thing from the ice cream maker. It is not a sternum and ribs as someone mentioned - but you know I have that image in my head now *SIGH*.

So that's it. That's what I got done. WooHoo I know. Well I didn't show you the cards but you have to believe me.

Oh and I have something to tell you. Even though I said I wasn't excited about it, and I'm not, that doesn't mean I won't be watching the new Dancing with the Stars, which premieres tonight. I mean you never know when Heather Mills may lose her leg!

The 80s answer from that day last week - you know that day long ago when I posted - it is Missing You. Remember that song. I'm not missing you at all. I'm singing it - right now - seriously, can you hear it???

I suppose I better post a new question. Are you sick of the questions? Let me know. If there is one thing I hate more than being predictable it's being boring - so if you're bored with the questions LET.ME.KNOW (actually I think most just ignore the questions - but I like to tell myself everyone is playing along...)

Which of Elizabeth Taylor's many ex-hubbies dies of a brain hemorrhage in Switzerland, in 1984?

I just read this post (I always read before I post) and it is BORING! I must work on my entertainment factor.

Until tomorrow...


Amy said...

Your post is not boring! Love your pages by the way. Looks pretty productive to me.

Shirley said...

beautiful layouts! another momma home with a sick child - fever of 103 yesterday along with the pukies. ARGH!

Cassi said...

Your pages are beautiful! I used to do a lot of scrapbooking too; makes me miss it looking at your pages :)