Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer...

There is no other time I wish for my youth (both childhood and young adulthood) than during the lazy, hazy days of summer.  The sense of freedom, the excitement of what the season may bring, the anticipation.  Last night as we stopped at the gas station and I watched a group of early 20 something guys piling into a van (really, a van) you could sense their excitement and joy of the freedom of a Friday night in the summer heat.  FUN! 

Okay I'm feeling a little melancholy today - maybe because the skies are a little gloomy and my kids have been spending the past week with their grandparents.  Yep, that and looking through old pictures trying to put together a picture board for Alex's graduation party in a couple of weeks has contributed to my sad day.  I feel so old today.  UGH!!!  And my kids are growing up and our dog Callie died and our dog Autumn is BIG and it might rain and that poor baseball fan died trying to make his son happy and bad things are happening to good people and CASEY ANTHONY IS GOING TO  BE FREE!!!!  It's a crappy day!

TTFN... my kids come home tomorrow I'll be back to my crabby self in no time.


Ann said...

i've been feeling the same way lately, Angie...(((hugs!!)))

Amy said...

And listening to Amy complain for 2hours didn't help things!