Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Scrapbooking confessions...

I haven't talked about the middle-aged, middle-income, expanding middle hobby of scrapbooking in a long time because with the birth of my signs sb'ing (as it is known by those cool sb'ers) went to the wayside.  I haven't made a layout in years.  But because of the signs I do use the gadgets and gear for scrapbooking.

One of my gadgets is a Making Memories SLICE, which is an electronic die cutting machine - and here is the confession I HATE MY SLICE.  It is not one of the new models it is the first edition which I have owned for approximately 4 years.  I have hated it from the start but I made my bed and now I must lie in it.  The dang thing needs constant adjusting.  Like just now I am trying to make decorations for Alex's party and I installed a new blade but it won't cut right so I have to adjust the blade and adjust the blade and adjust the blade and then I have to apply more adhesive and then after fifteen minutes or so I have to adjust the blade oh and wait I need more adhesive now oh and now after about 40 circles I have to change the blade.  Do you see the pattern here?  Frankly right now I think this "gadget" is a piece of crap.  I'd use my time better going out and buying a circle punch.  GRRRRRRRR okay rant over.  But really my Slice - it sucks!!!

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