Thursday, January 18, 2007

2006 Husband of the year???

So are we all over the Stickles thing now 'cuz I'm movin' on. There is only so much Stickles love that can be shared - some things just have to be experienced to be truly enjoyed.

Okay, so are we ready - movin' on? Yesterday, in my inbox there was a newsletter from my lss (local scrapbook store for those who are not in on the scrapping know) and to be honest I don't always get to the letter right away. It isn't that I don't want to know all the latest and greatest it's a time thing - REALLY. But yesterday I felt compelled to read the letter as soon as I saw it (some day I will tell you all about my super special ESP powers but that's another story). ANYWAY, as I started reading and paging and reading and paging I found it - there it was VIP 2006 Husband of the Year. WHAT? There's a husband of the year -' McHubby? She's talking about my McHubby. WOW! I didn't have any idea. I didn't know he was even nominated :-) But, well there it is, in print, Dennis Grimm, Husband of the year. Who knew :-)

Oh and just one other little thing I feel I need to clear up; yes it is true, he does haul my stuff, my tons of stuff, and he does come and pick it back up and he does it with a smile but that part about me being spoiled - SO NOT TRUE!!! I.AM.NOT.SPOILED. Ask anyone :-) Seriously!

So the Husband of the Year caught me off guard. It made me smile. It generated email - to me - telling me to tell my hubby congrats. Shoot I didn't even know that many people knew about scrapbooking - AND read the newsletter. Life is full of surprises.

And by the way that is McHubby in all his Saturday morning roll out of bed glory! I mean really shouldn't the husband of the year at least get a glamour shot :-)...

NOW who would have guessed that you people would actually know the answer to Tuesday's question - Bob Fosse. Are you Googling the question? Shesh, I don't even know who he is let alone that he is an answer to an 80s' trivia question. Holy Bananas you people impress me. Okay now for today: What five-word phrase did Fred the Baker famously mutter in Dunkin' Donuts ads?


Stephanie said...

Aawwwww...Congrats to Dennis on McHubby of the year :-)
And I might have to argue the fact that you're not spoiled.... :-)

deb said...

McHubby surely sounds sweet. Hubby of the year - what a great idea!

And... I know this one! Time to make the doughnuts (did I spell that right?) Looks funny.


Abby said...

I knew Bob Fosse but didn't log on!

Time to make the donuts.

I am so glad that I am using my worthless knowledge of the 80s for some purpose.

Shirley said...

WOW! Congrats to your hubby and to you for having such a fantastic one!

Amy said...

You're spoiled! :)

Melissa Lobdell, Little Melfred's Studio said...

What a fabulous surprise! Congratulations! And thanks for the sweet comment on my blog... You'll never know how much it meant to me! Now, I'm going to catch up on your cutie pie blog and try to figure out if you're spoiled or not! :) xo-Melfie

wendy said...

gosh what a lucky girl you are! and he's cute to boot!!!

terri said...

you know you are spoiled. I know many women whose husbands don't even schlepp it out to the car never mind taking it to the store and picking it back up again. We missed you Saturday, definitly not the same--too quiet. As far as the name change you are not crabby and crabby breeds like cancer. I thought cupcake in a wedding cake world was most original. terri