Wednesday, January 3, 2007


Well let's get right down to it shall we. Have you seen this? Have you heard the news? Did you know this was happening? Do you have any idea what I am talking about? This - THIS is what I am talking about MARIO LOPEZ TO HOST MISS AMERICA PAGEANT. Yes, that's right, that's what I said. My Mario is going to host the Miss America Pageant. My Mario in the presence of fifty beautiful women. Will he remember me? Will he stop seeing me in his sleep? Will he find the Mrs. Mario of his dreams? Will Mama Mario let ANYONE become Mrs. Mario? And what about that trophy she promised to make him if he didn't win the glittery disco ball. Did she make him that trophy? And what about me - what about my blog - do you think it was me? Do you think it was my blog that has lifted My Mario from Saved by the Bell oblivion to a super dancin', pageant hostin' hero? 'Cuz I'm thinkin' that might be the case (SMILEY) I have so many questions, so little information! I don't think I'm going to be able to sleep tonight.

Oh and before I forget. The wonderful "I'm Purrrrfect" Amy gave me the Totally 80's version of Trivial Pursuit. I thought it would be fun to post a question each time I blog. You can submit your guesses and we'll see how you do against the fabulous 80's wonder machines of Amy and I. So without further ado here is today's question (no fair looking up the answer - either you know it or you don't - no cheating allowed!)

Which former Beatle was the original narrator on Thomas the Tank Engine?

That's it - and it's an EASY one. So submit your answer - 80's Lover's Unite (SMILEY)

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Amy said...

I love the new name of the blog. So happy that you will be getting a Mario fix soon! And love the addition of an 80's question. Is it Ringo? I honestly can see his face but can't decide if it is him.