Monday, January 8, 2007

Rainy Days and Mondays...

What I feel has come and gone before
No need to talk it out
We know what
it's all about
Hangin' around
Nothing to do but frown
Rainy Days and
Mondays always get me down

Do you know this song by the Carpenters? I mean I don't know if they wrote it but they sang it. Anyway, that is how I feel today. Rainy Days and Mondays. Just kind of sad. I know why, but yet I don't. Regardless I know I SHOULDN'T feel this way. I'm lucky. I have a good life. I have nothing to be sad about. But still - it happens. Maybe it is part of being a girl. Or it could be the weather. Or the season. Or the path not taken. Or all of the above.

So SAD, that is where I am at today and I am feeling pretty guilty about it because I am not a cry myself to sleep kind of girl. Nope, I can't just keep the melancholy feelings to myself. I have to send emails and write a blog and whine to my husband and closest friends. I have to spread the sadness. And that isn't really the person I want to be. It really isn't. People will try to cheer me up and make me feel better but when I want to be miserable I don't want someone to make me smile I want someone to tell me it is okay to cry. And that is what makes it hard to be my friend. I know that. So most of the time I try to be happy (sure crabby - but still happy) I try not to let the blue mood come out and rain on everyone's parade but every once in a while I just have to break down and say it. I'M Sad.

So there I've said it (and said it and said it) and now EVERYONE knows and pretty soon I will get over it, I'll be okay and back to my normal quirky self. I might cry before that happens, but feel free to ignore me - I know how annoying I am when I feel this way. Shoot I should have let you all know you were being invited to a pity party :-)

SOOO moving on, I read a blog today that made a huge impression on me. The blog is by Rebecca Sowers and she has decided that there has been enough "All About Me" attitude going on in the world the past couple of years and this needs to change. We need to start concentrating on others and what THEY need. This is the year to make it "All About You" as she puts it.

This is the year to say how are YOU? How are YOU feeling? What can I do to make YOU feel happier, more fulfilled, better appreciated? IF we make ourselves feel better in the meantime that is just gravy because really at the end of the day isn't it all about how we have made those in our orbit (even the ones that invade our bubbles) feel? That's what I think, which is one of the reasons I feel guility about feeling bad because feeling bad (for me) is such a selfish, self-centered emotion. So today I am not doing a very good job of thinking of YOU but tomorrow will be better I promise. And for those of you that may get an email (Amy) I'm sorry :-)

And FINALLY, I was thinking about the 80's question of the day (and today's is good - so good it almost made me smile) and I realized that although I have been posting a question I HAVE NOT been posting the answer. For those really clever people the clue to the answer (and sometimes the actual answer) is over in the links. For those that ignore the links I need to be more obvious so here are the answers so far. Ringo Starr, Take My Breath Away, and Heineken. That's it so far. Good guesses everyone.

And today's question of the day is (did I mention this is a good one?): If you wanted to call Jenny for a good time what number would you dial?

Have a great day even if it is rainy and a Monday.


Amy said...

I know it but I am banned from answering! It was just on the top 80's hits on VH1. I think it was in the top 50.

Abby said...

You don't deserve to say you lived through the 80s if you don't know it is 8-6-7-5-3-0-9!

andie said...

867-5309!!! i would pay to have the phone number!!!