Friday, January 12, 2007

The day formerly known as no crab day...

So it's Friday and if you have been keeping up you know that before the name change Friday's were always a crab-free zone. Sure sometimes there was a little edginess that could be interpreted as crabby but it was all in your interpretation - really. But now there's this Cupcake World thing, what am I supposed to do with that on a Friday? I mean really a name like It's a Cupcake World would lead one to believe that EVERY DAY is sugar coated and gooey with sweetness - and it is - seriously. But still IT'S FRIDAY - the day traditionally known as being filled with extra creamy goodness. How do I differentiate the day that breaks the rules? Maybe I can call it Extra Sprinkles Friday? Or maybe Extra Creamy Goodness Friday is the way to go? I don't know... I've got to think about this a bit. I mean really - WWMD (What Would Mario Do)?

AND while we're talking about it. I've gotten emails. From people. People who read this blog. AND do you know what those people that read this blog and write emails have been saying? They have been saying that they (those that write the emails) do not like the new name. No new name. Liked the old name. Why the name change? -- And you know what? I'm not sure I like the new name either. I really did kind of like the old name. And you know there is that URL quandary and the fact that it still refers to Crabby kind of stuff. Besides, I figure if Prince could change his name to that funky symbol thing and then change it back to Prince I should be able to change my mind. I mean I know I'm not a freak like Prince and I've never experienced purple rain or worn a raspberry beret but it's almost exactly the same - just different. I'll let you know what I decide.

Okay, well now that I've wasted valuable time on that urgent business let's get on with the important stuff. Stuff like Grey's Anatomy. Don't you just love Alex? I love Alex. He's my favorite. He's always been my favorite even before it was trendy to say he is your favorite. And you know he may be McJerky but we all know deep inside he is Mc I'm going to bring the best out in him guy (you KNOW what I mean don't pretend you don't) And I am a little sick of wimpy George. Can you imagine if Wimpy George and Whiny Meredith were REALLY to have sex. OMG it would be like going to a Bangles concert with all the whining and wailing going on. I mean it isn't like I want them to leave the show because every show needs a little wimpy and whiny but Holy Bananas sometimes I just want to say SHUT UP! I know I know his dad is going to die. He's got a lot to think about but what's Meredith's excuse?

And here we are. The end of the post. The swan song of today. The 80s trivia that may die a long and painful death if you people don't start submitting your answers :-) Did you hear me?
So I'm trying one more time. I'm putting it on the line. Here it is:

What Avon bath oil saw its sales soar after rumors surfaced that it kept bugs away?

And yesterday's answer. The answer I thought was easy as pie. The answer that got two comments. Eddie Murphy - that's the answer.

Later Gators!

Random photo of the day - again, just because I can.


Shirley said...

beautiful picture! Avon's skin so soft - didn't do much for bugs except make them stick to your skin. EWWWWW!

Amy said...

Love the flower picture.

teresa mcfayden said...

Oh Oh I know!! yp, Skin So Soft!! :) isn't that stuff supposed to do all kinds of ever so lever and handy thngs?!

deb said...

Why skin so soft of course! :) I am a new reader and wasn't around for your crabbier days so I'm no help with your old name/new name quandry. Whichever name you chose.. I'll keep reading. :)