Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's a small world...

so I think I mentioned that I was going shopping with my friends Heather and Amy in honor of Heather's birthday (yes we wined and dined her and embarrassed her at the restaurant with the singing of Happy Birthday - something that they don't usually do but our 20 something male waiter was happy to oblige us). Anyway, as I was walking through Bloomingdale's at one of the largest malls in America I heard someone say "sure, just walk right by your sister" and it was MY sister. My sister who doesn't live anywhere near the largest mall in America (I live nearer but I'm not right next door either so I will forgive her for not telling me she was going to be there). I mean really, what are the chances? This is truly a HUGE mall and then to be in the same store at the same time - it was fate! It was nice to see my sister - a good surprise.

And about the shopping. Although we did hit the mall there is also a small independent shop that we like to visit whenever we are in the area but no matter who drives (Amy, Heather or I) we get lost trying to get to the store. Today was no exception (I was driving). Somehow we ended up on the wrong road and had nowhere to go but to the airport - so we cruised the baggage and departure area looking at all the happy people flying away to some exotic locale and then got back on the road again. The problem was we were laughing so hard that I almost missed the right road AGAIN! We finally arrived and made our purchases - of course we got lost again on our way home but that too worked out okay as Amy had to make a stop at Target and there it was TARGET - so we stopped, Amy bought and we got back on the RIGHT ROAD. It was a fun day although a bit longer due to our unanticipated backtracking.

So there you go - a fun and fateful day - FABULOUS! :-)


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