Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt - take two...

Same concept different day and location.
That's what happens when your two sets of grandparents live in different places - double the fun - just ask me - I'll tell you - really it's double the fun :-) Oh did I mention I'm super tired and feeling a little punchy? I've been so tired lately I've fallen asleep every night this week before I've finished my prayers (yes, I say my prayers at night - it's in my head and I guess I'd say it's more of a conversation - but still I count it as prayers - THERE now you know another little secret - man you people are nosey ;-))

More pictures.

There are frogs in that pond and they were determined to catch one - they didn't and that's a good thing because I'm sure it would have just led to screaming and really some days there is more than enough screaming (it's all good of course - but still - it's enough).