Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Seriously. The HotY bought me new perfume for Christmas. Romance by Ralph Lauren to be exact and I just can't fall in love with the scent. The funny thing is this isn't really a new perfume for me - I've worn it in the past but then changed to Style by Ralph Lauren (which I really really love but it is hard to find - thus the HotY's purchase of Romance) because as much as I liked Romance it just didn't seem to have any staying power. I don't know if this was a universal problem or what because "staying power" is no longer an issue. This new bottle stays and stays and stays with just a little spritz and I'm not crazy about how it smells anymore. Did they change the ingredients? Did I just get used to the other perfume? Has my nose changed? I don't know what the problem is but in my eternal quest to try to find the silver lining and not give up I keep trying to give Romance a chance to smell good again - so far it's not working, I can barely stand to smell myself. Grrrrr. That's $85 we'll never see again - DANG!

TTFN - and that smell in the room - you know that mix of too much, possibly bad, perfume, yes it's me - I'm sorry I'll try not to move and waft the scent around the room.

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