Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Does Lauren lick dogs?

I've been finding these little notes from Syd all over the house. I guess the girl has a lot to say. But this note about Lauren cracked me up.

It was actually supposed to say "Does Lauren like dogs?" but she had a small spelling error which totally changed the sentence. Lauren and I thought it was very funny but Syd not so much. Poor girl, but we teased her anyway - Bad mom - I know I know. We weren't relentless but we had fun asking her about things she might "lick" like school, and recess and ice cream (which she really does like to lick).

Anyway, just thought I'd share because I want to document this stuff and you all are the lucky recipients :-)

TTFN... Oh and No Lauren does not lick dogs but she does LIKE them a lot.


Amy said...

ha, ha. that is adorably funny! I love it. Looks like a scrapbook page should be made...journaling included, of course.

Anonymous said...