Thursday, June 7, 2007

I don't care WHAT you say...

I DO have super, special, ESP and Rob Lowe and My Magnificent Mario DO read my blog - seriously. I mean just look at these facts. First I talked about Mario and then there he was in my neighborhood - the Mario appearance in Minneapolis - a mere hop from my home. And then there was Rob and my true confession of undying and unwavering love :-) and now - now I find out that Rob is playing golf in IOWA - again, just a hop and skip from my humble abode.

Coincidence? I think NOT! And you know what I think I think one of these days, lured by my super special ESP karma, they are going to stop playing hard to get and just plant themselves on my doorstep - that's what I think!

I know what you're thinking. But that's okay you just go on thinking that I don't know what reality is - 'cuz really I do. Now if you don't mind I have an elf to entertain and a lady bug picnic to attend. But I'll be back with my pot of gold before you know it.



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I saw a photo of your Mario holding Eva Longoria up in a dance move....his biceps were brilliant!