Monday, June 4, 2007

Highlights of a garage sale...

Lest there is a remote reader who feels they may have missed out on a once in a lifetime bargain here is an overview of what was hot and what was not.

1. The one and only original Nestle’s S’more Maker. This item was NOT hot. And I do mean that figuratively and literally. I mean, do you have any idea how long it takes to roast a marshmallow by the light of a 40 watt light bulb? Me neither – we have never made it past 45 minutes – and guess what - that is NOT long enough. It may have worked for the Easy Bake Oven people but the S’more people – they need to keep trying. (AVAILABLE)

2. There was a myriad of McDonald’s Happy Meal toys. The husband of the year was appalled that I actually priced these babies – but hey I couldn’t put a potential collector’s item in the free box. The twenty-five cents I put on them was worth it to wipe out a lifetime of Rummage Sale Regret. (Some items still available)

3. Ceiling fans – one hot/one not. The fans belong to my neighbor Jan. I thought Jan was asking too much for them but even at inflated prices one sold. So maybe I’m not the garage guru that I thought I was. (1 ceiling fan with lights available)

4. HOT HOT HOT - two toddler beds in PERFECT condition available for purchase with or without toddlers included. Personally I would have gone with the toddler included option but the buyers disagreed. (Beds - Out of Stock/Toddlers - Available)

5. Special of the day - toddler training pants. Washed and ready to wear. I was afraid that such an item would be too tacky but again I am not the garage guru that I had imagined. (No longer available)

So all in all the garage sale was a success. A lot of work but a success. Now I can go out and stock up on entirely new offerings for future garage sales!



Amy said...

Toddlers still available...silly girl! :)

Shirley said...


terri said...

so all in all, how much return did you get on your investment? I actually said the other day that maybe just maybe I should have a GS when my alter persona said NO I can't believe you just said that. tt