Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It's not so much the heat...

as the humidity. Really! If you have ever lived, worked, or thought about the Midwest you have heard this phrase and it's true! Today it is so hot and humid my kids thought it was raining since the windows were all steamed up! But I don't mind the heat- really I don't. It's summer. This is what summer is all about, I'd feel cheated if it were any other way. Today is a perfect day to hit the swimming pool. I wonder if Amy would let me borrow her wire basket because you know what that wire basket does to me :-)

So I said I would post my recent layouts, and I will, seriously. But I won't get to it until tonight. I know, I know, you're disappointed but I'll get to it I promise :-) Sometimes I wonder if I am getting tired of this Scrapbooking thing??? Did I just say that??? I think I did - And with that I will be on my way. Feel free to chat :-)



Amy said...

Did you actually just write that? Gasp!!
Yes, you can borrow my basket for the pool. Just let me clean out my scrap supplies first! I might just find my orange handled scissors in the bottom. :)

Maija said...

Lucky for me, I live where it's hot (about 110 now), but it;s a "dry" heat. Almost everyone has a pool in their backyard!