Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Oh what a beautiful morning...

Oh what a beautiful day. I've got a wonderful feeling eveything's going my way.

Okay so I wouldn't go that far, but it is an absolutely gorgeous morning. The perfect summer day. I can't tell you how good a beautiful summer day makes me feel. I love everything about this time of year. The sights, the smells, the freedom, just that certain feeling inside. I wonder if those weird winter loving people feel the same way about winter because seriously, I just don't get that. But summer love, that I understand :-)

So even though I am feeling the summer lovin' there are still some things that are just irking me this morning but I'm not crabby - really I'm not. Just a little - well - irked. So here are the little clouds of irritation floating in my blue sky of life. Oh and they aren't big black storm clouds, these are just those little clouds that occasionally block the bright sunshine for a few fleeting seconds. By noon they'll have dissipated.

1. One vehicle - we are living with one vehicle this week because the other one is in the shop having some warranty work or another taken care of - AGAIN! I mean I really appreciate the Hubby of the Year and all but this taking the van in thing that he seems obsessed with is driving me nuts. I mean really does anyone actually have their oil changed every 3000 miles? I don't think so.

2. Working - on a beautiful summer day. Enough said.

3. Budgets - hate budgets.

4. The non-emotional aspect of email. I hate it when I get an email and I have no idea in what mood it was written. I can only read it in the mood that I decide it was written in. No wonder those little emoticon things were written. I mean what would you think of me without my smilies?

That's it. See just four little things. Small clouds (well except for the car in the shop thing - that is a medium cloud). Speaking of clouds, don't you just love looking at clouds and interpreting their shape. If you haven't done it lately I highly recommend doing so - and when you do - let me know what you are seeing in your clouds.

Okay that's it.



Shirley said...

sorry about the ride. maybe you need a sniff of chlorinated water? ;)

Renee (redhead68) said...

Crap! Does that mean I'm on Cupcake's "list" cuz I get my oil changed every 3000 miles? What about rotating my tires every other oil change....I bet that really irks ya! HA! XXOO