Thursday, January 29, 2009

All you didn't want to know and more...

My friend Wendy tagged me on my Facebook page to list 25 Random things about me. I thought I'd post them here too. This is as random as it gets...

1.I am deathly afraid of fire. I will only use those long lighter things. We had a wood burning fireplace in our first house – it never got used – not even once.

2.I hate ripe bananas. I like them when they are still a little bit green.

3.I was in a head-on car accident with a drunk driver. My knee was cut in half. I don’t remember the collision at all.

4.I’m a girlie girl but I like cars.
• 1st car Buick Skylark (blue)
• 2nd car Ford Mustang (blue)
• 3rd car Mercury Cougar (blue)
• 4th car Ford Mustang Convertible (white/black top)
• 5th car Honda Civic Hatchback (teal)
• 6th car Pontiac Grand Am Sedan (teal)
• 7th car Chrysler Intrepid (Red – NOT burgundy – I hate burgundy)
• 8th car Chrysler Town & Country Van (black)

5.I was accepted to a college for Commercial Art but I changed my mind at the last minute and went to a local tech school for computers.

6.I have lived in six different cities/towns and have had 16 different homes.

7.I am the oldest in my family (1 brother, 1 sister)

8.I always tell my kids I love them at least three times a day.

9.I have a very patient and tolerant husband (like this surprises you)

10.If I could have a super hero power I would be a time traveler (or a mind reader).

11.I love water. Some day I want a lake or ocean in my backyard.

12.I talk to my parents at least once a week.

13.I wish I could talk to my ancestors.

14.I’m fascinated with the Industrial Age of America

15.I hate math but like to balance the checkbook and pay bills.

16.If I were a little younger I would totally have my belly button pierced.

17.I love it when my kids want to snuggle with me – which luckily for me - is a daily occurrence.

18.I read every night while my husband gives me a head rub. Head rub over – reading done. Sometimes I beg for more.

19.I love to do unexpected things to make people happy.

20.I have never done drugs of any kind nor smoked a cigarette

21.I recently discovered the joy of Pomegranate Martinis – they are fabulous!

22.I have a very loyal and supportive circle of friends. They are a very disparate group but I love them all.

23.My children are 10 years apart – people have actually asked me if they have the same father (the answer is yes).

24.I like to knit but only with colors I think are pretty.

25.I never leave the house without mascara on my lashes.

I'm supposed to tag other people but I'm inviting everyone - just play along if you want - no obligation. But if you play - let me know - heck you could even post in the comments if you are so inclined (anonymous poster - I'm talking to you - you didn't think I had let this go did you?). Have fun.


Shirley said...

very interesting. LOL!

Wendy said...

Pretty cool Angie...I learned some new things...

#2 I hate ripe bananas too!
#5 You should totally rethink going into graphic would be awesome at this!
#10 You really want to be "All Knowing" But you wouldn't believe how much people really do love you...It would blow your mind
#17 I personally hate to snuggle
#18 Why would you post something that just makes the rest of us sick and jelous at the same time? I swear every time I ask Dan to rub my back he intentionally hurts me so I'll tell him to stop...
#21 Please introduce me to this martini...or two... :-)