Thursday, October 26, 2006

Who Is Looking for my crabby self?

Why is it that there are always two classmates looking for me? At least that is what tells me almost every other day. Who are these two classmates and why are they looking for me? And why is it always two classmates and is it the same two classmates every time? Are they futilely checking every other day hoping I will miraculously appear? I mean really, if I wanted to stay in touch I would have called or emailed by now. QUIT LOOKING I don’t want to be found!

Oh and the other thing that bugs me about or or whatever it is called is if I WERE looking for someone I might not want them to know I am looking. Who made it their business to tell on me? Okay, fine, I’ll admit it sometimes I check out these websites and yes, sometimes there may be a certain some one or two that I am curious about but really I don’t think they need to know. SERIOUSLY. Between the tattle tales and Caller ID how does a girl ever have any secrets? You know if Mario figures out it’s me that has been stalking him the dance will never be the same.

OH MY GOSH, I just had a thought. Maybe those two classmates that are looking for me ARE ME? I know it’s stupid to look at your own profile but, well, sometimes I do, just to make sure I haven’t changed or anything. So maybe it is just me checking me out. I guess I better send myself a message so I know I’m okay and can stop letting me know someone is looking for me.

Okay so now I am leaving to check out everyone I have ever known on THAT website. If you get an email that someone is looking for you they are – it’s me.


Stephanie said...

You seriously make me giggle!!
I don't think I could ever define you as crabby!!! :-)

Shirley said...


Karen Carter said...

Too funny! I often wonder the same thing.

Melissa said...

I *KNOW* one of the people looking for me is actually me! LOL! I did a search for myself on and originally, the first emails said there has been one search for you. The most recent one said there had been 10! Now I am wondering who's looking me up, but not enough to pay!

Marie said...

LOL!! Your blog is awesome!

I found those sites so intruding and obnoxious. I have 91 out of 96 classmates still living; I have most of their e-mails addresses; (well, for the ones who wish to keep in touch anyway)If we want to contact each other, we use those; we don't need those websites.

Carla said...

"...just me checking me out." LOL!!! I think a lot of us can relate to that -- which is why it's so darn funny!