Saturday, October 28, 2006

Who knew it was Saturday???

Okay I know I don't usually post on Saturday's but I didn't post on Friday and if you've been paying any attention at all you know that Friday's are "crab-free" days. So since I didn't post on Friday and even the crabbiest of girls need one day to be rid of the crabs I decided today was the day.

So, here we are, it's Saturday. I got to stay up late last night and scrapbook (not a word) and then sleep in a little later this morning. Ahhhh the serenity of Saturday - until I wake up and all is reality (smiley - need the smiley - seriously).

Anyway, today my husband took the kids on a little trip to see his parents and I was left behind to clean to prepare for a visit from my parents - who will be arriving some time late this afternoon. So what did I do with my precious few hours of solitude? I mean it is a given that the house needed cleaning, which had to be done before my MOTHER's (and dad's) arrival, and there are only so many hours to get it done, but what did I do? I decided this would be the ideal time to spend forty-five minutes arranging my daughters' closet (no that is not a typo - 2 daughters - 1 closet - I know it is insane) by item type, sleeve length, pant length and color family. Now did this really need to be done. No. My mom is not THAT much of a neat freak. It isn't like she was going to go through the closet and say "oh honey, I don't know if you noticed but you have a yellow short sleeved blouse in with the pink long sleeved sweatshirts. Is that really where you want it?" I mean sure she might think that but she would never say it. But for some reason, while I was dealing with limited time I decided that this was a task that just could not wait another minute. I do this all the time - when I have a dead-line looming I will find the most unimportant item to be done and then spend countless precious minutes working on that one, tiny, insignificant thing. I know, it's a problem. Maybe if I wasn't so busy cleaning the hairspray off of my curling iron I wouldn't be late for church so often.

So anyway, the house did get cleaned and the bonus is that my girls' closet looks like Gap Kids. It's fabulous!!! And well worth the time - really!

Okay I have to go my parents will be here any minute and I have to decide if I should start the macaroni salad or clean the hairbrushes...

Happy Saturday

Oh - and while I was enjoying my solitude this morning my doorbell rang and I ignored it. If it was you I'm sorry. Don't take it personally.

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