Friday, October 20, 2006

No Crab For You!

No Crab For You! Are you hearing the Soup Nazi from Sienfeld in your head? Aren’t there just things that when you think them you hear them in a different voice? Like when I think Ruh Roh I think it in Scooby Doo’s voice, or when I talk to my friend Maria, Julie Andrews is there, in the back of my head, singing Climb Every Mountain, or when I think SERIOSLY it is Meredith “McWhiny” Grey’s voice. Okay, fine, never mind but that is how it happens in my head.

So here we are – FRIDAY – again! HOORAY! I am sooo wanting to be crabby but I won’t do it. I will not ruin the goodness of Friday. The start of the weekend. The beginning. Ahhh Friday. Wait - does this sound similar to last Friday’s post? Man I hate it when I am unoriginal. Usually I’m quirky. I love that word – QUIRKY. Actually I love words. I know it’s weird (like you’re surprised) but I do. There are some great words out there just waiting to be used - like myriad, and inexplicable and extrapolate, and supercalfragilisticexpealidocious. Yep I love words. Writing them, saying them, thinking them. Words are fun. Just another thing you have to trust me on. I am not a complainer and words are fun – really.

Anyway, of course Friday brings Grey’s Anatomy after glow, which I eluded (good word) to last Friday. As much as I ADMIRE Mario and all of his attributes, if it was a choice between his dancing feet or all of the Grey’s Anatomy angst I would pick Grey’s (sorry Mario, I’ll make it up to you). So what I love most about the show is that sense of surprise – you think you have it all figured out and then, like real life, it doesn’t really turn out like you thought. The alternative isn’t bad, just different than what you thought you knew and expected. You know? Like when I thought it was going to be Callie and McSteamy and instead it was Addison. The writers are so good at that. But then there was the 8.7 million dollars. Who carries around a check for 8.7 million dollars? Who spills orange juice on a check for 8.7 million dollars? Who hangs a check for 8.7 dollars on the refrigerator? Sure, I get that Izzy wants to do something good with the money, and so would I (after my shopping spree at TJ Maxx) but deposit the darn check already. Man it drove me nuts. And next week that dang check better still be hanging on the refrigerator. And if it is gone, there better be a good explanation for it being gone because you don’t just hang 8.7 million dollars on the refrigerator and then act like it was never there. Oh shoot. Did that sound crabby? I didn’t mean it.

So okay what would YOU do with 8.7 million dollars (and DON’T say you would hang it on the refrigerator)? By the way I keep asking these questions and no one is answering. Come on people – answer the question. Humor me. Make my day (Client Eastwood voice). Fine, you don’t have to answer but you know you are hurting my feelings – right?? Just so you know (if I could I’d put a smiley right here).

Happy Friday. Now go out and pretend you have 8.7 million dollars and do something good.


Anonymous said...

I'll tell you what I would do with 8 million dollars: RETIRE! And never again have to teach whiny, immature, silly, silly college students. That's what I would do! (how's that for crabby?) :)

Amy said...

8 mil?
What would I do?
Well for starters we would go on a worldwide whirlwind scrapbook shopping extravaganza! Maybe even stop by and say "Hey" to Mario and TL!
When should we leave?
Oh yeah...I am meeting you at 12:30. See ya then!
**I tried to use big words!**

Renee (redhead68) said...

8.7 goes....Build a great big ranch style house & another separate, yet attached "wing" for scrapbooking. That way I wouldn't have to worry about what the house looks like, before inviting friends over to "play"! Pay for my kids college, build a new house for my parents & my in-laws, pay off any expenses I have...and maybe put up a wind generator....(where the hell did that come from?)!!! XXOO

Shirley said...

Retire. Send my parents on a FAB vacation. Build a dream house. Invest.