Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Crabby Late

I was late this morning. I hate being late. Well, okay I am occasionally late for family social functions and church. Yes, it’s true, growing up I was the one that was always wasting time and getting yelled at to “hurry up, we’re leaving”. I’m still the last one out the door when it’s time to leave for church, but now that I’m a mom I think that is my job; last person out the door – church or otherwise.

But that being said I HATE being late for work or appointments. It makes me feel all anxious and crabby. I remember once when I was still young, single and foolish I was four minutes late for work and the manager I had at that job noted I was late and asked why. Well I didn’t like her anyway and was feeling a little rebellious so I told it like it was and said “Hey I didn’t like the way my hair looked, I’ll make up the four minutes tonight”. I mean really late or bad hair – which would you choose? EXACTLY!

Anyway, I wasn’t super late this morning – just five minutes, but still Late is Late. When I run late that rabbit in my head keeps saying “I’m Late I’m Late for a very important date”. And you know what I’ve never even seen that darn Alice in Wonderland movie or read the book. I know one line from the entire movie and that’s it, but it runs through my head more often than the soundtrack from the Sound of Music. Aggravating.

Okay, it IS Wednesday and you didn’t think I would let another moment go by without mentioning my Mario did you. Did you see those moves last night? He certainly can shake it (well not as well as Joey “no hair” Lawrence, but then I think Joey was more of a shimmier) Anyway, Mario has better over all moves, BUT I think the judges are bored with Mario because he is so good. It is kind of like telling a professional they are good. I mean how many times can you say – “man you are so hot and you knocked my socks off will you come home with me”? Okay so maybe that sounds more like what I say but you get the picture right? Anyway, he is good, and has all the right moves, but I think he (Mario) has lost some of his passion. Do you think he knows I wasn’t watching last week?

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Amy said...

Did you get behind the 20 in the 40 driver again this morning? Or were you just looking for your I'm Purrfect sweatshirt? :)