Monday, October 30, 2006

Monday and the Super Crab

Monday. Blah. The best thing I can say about this Monday is that it is almost over. Yes, I know how pessimistic of me (did I spell that right - I hate bad spelling). Actually I hate making spelling mistakes and I hate mispronouncing words. I mean really I take pride in my vocabulary - I know scrapbooking and big words, you're painting a picture aren't you - believe me it's not what you are picturing. I swear to God if your picture includes that "I'm Purrrfect" sweatshirt I'm never blogging at you again.

Oh and adding to the ugliness of Monday is the fact that tomorrow night is Halloween and yet Dancing with the Stars will go on. Mario will be there flashing his dimples and I won't be there. I will be running around the neighborhood with my goblins wishing for a margarita and Mario. I mean I love my kids and all but it's supposed to be a Halloween Extravaganza with the dancing stars. What exactly does a Halloween extravaganza entail? Will there be costumes? Will there be fantastic tricks and eye pleasing treats? Will Mario be appearing as a stripper? I wonder how long it takes to get Tivo hooked up? Anyone?

There probably won't be a post tomorrow, unless something extremely irritating happens on the way to work tomorrow morning (and it could happen considering the Walmart Zone and Halloween and all - I mean it isn't like 50% of the Walmart shoppers aren't scary enough every other day of the year).

Have a great Halloween and if you see Mario tell him I'm waiting for my treats, I should be home by 10:00!


Shirley said...

They have these wonderful inventions called VCRs or TiVo, you know. Sorry that you'll be missing Mario. I'll be running around like you with mine, too.

Amy said...

I'll wave when I go to Walmart today! Or maybe slow way down and swerve at you!! :)
Do you want me to record it for you? I have a VCR.

Sherri said...

I had to LOL about the scary folks at Walmart.