Monday, October 23, 2006

I know I know and it makes me crabby too...

Yes, I DO know it is Monday EVENING but this is my new update time. Yes, I also know that this is not how things started out but this is how they are now. Yes, changes make me a little crabby too but we'll all adjust - I promise. REALLY - have I let you down yet (alright so one day I did a little complaining and I said I didn't complain and as devoted as I am to Mario I did completely forget about him last week - but, trust me, those were isolated incidents).

So this is the new schedule. Updates in the evening. Will there be updates every evening? I doubt it, I DO have a life you know. I mean I have kids to feed and a husband to pamper (DO NOT LAUGH) and Mario to stalk and scrapbooking to do and laundry and cooking and shopping and Grey's Anatomy and... see do you see why I am crabby? Does it come as any surprise? I mean when is the house cleaning fairy going to show up at my house? If you see her please let her know that I'm tired of waiting for her. Just tell her to stop at the dang gas station already and ask for directions - the friendly folks at Kwik Trip know where to find us. Just follow the trail of fruit snacks and Oreos.

You know the worst part about the evening update stuff - I'm so overloaded with crabby I can't concentrate. If you have any solutions for that let me know (SMILEY - I need a dang SMILEY).

That's it for TONIGHT. Feel free to discuss and share your thoughts and opinions. I mean it can't make me any crabbier - right?


Amy said...

I was having Angie withdrawals today! What's up with your email?
Miss you girl!

Stephanie said...

So are you saying you're crabby? :-)

Shirley said...

I'm still waiting for the cleaning fairy at MY house, too. LOL!