Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Colds and Crabs

BLECH! My eyes are watery, my throat is a scratchy, my nose is stuffy and I didn’t sleep well. You know what that means (remember there is a trend here) - CRABBY!

I hate colds. Everyone in the house has a cold. There is sniffling and coughing and groaning and crying. And to top it off I burned my finger while curling my hair this morning. I don’t remember burning my finger. I don’t remember that gasp of pain when my delicate skin made contact with hot metal. I don’t know how I missed it. BUT it must have happened because now my pinky is throbbing and I have a nice puffy blister starting. How could I have forgotten burning my finger? Boy I must be losing it or maybe this cold is making me delirious :-) (it's not a real smiley but it will work...)

Sooooo, I can see I am going to have to get a grip. In my very first post, the beginning of the Crabby Chronicles, I assured you that I was not a complainer. I assured you that there was a difference between crabbing and complaining. I assured you that you would come to see the truth of my statement. I am beginning to think I lied. What I wrote today is coming very close to complaining. Someone quick slap me! I solemnly swear to never complain again (well almost never, okay well no more than once a week). Are you happy now???

So that’s it. I’m crabby with a cold that is bringing me perilously close to being a complainer and has me so delirious that I didn’t even know it when I singed my tender skin on the curling iron. I don’t know about you but I think I should just crawl back to bed.

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Amy said...

I think it is a purrfect day to break out the sweatshirt!
(insert smiley face here)