Thursday, October 12, 2006

It's COLD - I'm crabby!

Okay did I mention that it is Mid-October? Mid-October people. Mid-October: sunny days, brisk nights, let's take a walk and look at all the pretty leaves and enjoy the sight of birds flying south and squirrels gathering their nuts and school kids waiting for the bus. That's mid-October. What did I wake up to this morning? Flippin' December! It is 25 degrees outside right now. That is below freezing. That is frost on the windshield and ice on the sidewalk. That is winter coats.

I hate winter coats. They're bulky, they're a hinderence, they make me look like a snowman. I mean really, if I were six feet tall and had a body like Cindy Crawford I might not mind (well I might mind because if I had a body like Cindy Crawford I'd just walk around naked all day and a winter coat would really mess with that) but as it is I'm not six feet tall so hate the winter coat. Of course this makes me CRABBY! I'll get over it but right now it is really grating on my nerves just looking at that ugly winter coat hanging on the back of my door.

Thank goodness none of those people who don't know how to drive were on the road this morning. Right now there is still hope, the crabbiness could dissipate, but if I had encountered those 20 in a 40 zone, let's run a red light and wait until the last second to pull out in front of you people all hope would be gone. The crabbiness would be pretty constant - at least until noon.

Did I mention I have to pass a Walmart at least twice every day. You know that is where all the bad drivers hang out - right? Seriously, the next time you are near a Walmart look around - bad drivers EVERYWHERE! I don't do Walmart, it might turn me into a bad driver...


Colleen said...

Now that is really cold. keep it there or it'll make me CRABBY!!

Amy said...

I take offense to the Walmart comment! :)

Cheer up 1 more day til our lunch.
Did you wear your purrfect sweatshirt today?

Shirley said...

Send some my way! ;)