Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sometimes I actually surprise myself...

like last night while catching the last minute action on DWTS. I saw them announce that the Millionaire and the I Dream of Jeannie chick were done and I found myself actually crying out "NOOOOOOOOO" and then I stopped and thought WTH - you have been wanting this guy out for six weeks and now you are moaning because he is going? What is the matter with you? And then it happened, I realized that I dislike watching Jane Seymour even more than Mark Millionaire. WOW, I didn't even know until that moment. It was an epipheny. Maybe I should write Mr. Millions an apology letter.

Dear Mark,

I would like to apologize for my disparaging remarks regarding your
performance on DWTS. Don't get me wrong, I don't think you stood a chance,
but I didn't realize that I despised Jane Seymour's dancing even more than your
own. So for that I am sorry. When I was criticizing you it should have
been all about Jane. I hope you can forgive me. Take care.


Cupcake Girl

What do you think? As apologies go it may be a little weak :-)

Anyway, after last night's big news I'll be hoping Janie girl is the next to go, then Marie and after that I don't know who it'll be - I'll have to wait and be surprised, by myself, again, even though I hate surprises, although when you surprise your self it isn't so bad - no anticipation :-)

While figuring out how I really felt about Jane was big the surprises just kept coming. This morning, although I haven't said anything, or really even given it much thought, I realized that I am darn sick of the construction that has been happening on my on the way to work 40 mph frontage road. They were supposed to be putting in a bike path not building a super highway. Holy bananas. You would think that it was an 8 lane interstate overpass considering the length of time and all the crap they have laying around. Not to mention that with the mess and the clogged storm sewers and all the rain the road is flooding out. Nice. Grrrr. So listen guys, finish it up already - okay, I'm sick of you. I'm sick of the mess. I'm sick of the 10 mph posted speed. You KNOW some old lady is going to remember that 10 mph forever after and I'll be stuck behind her chanting "it's 40 it's 40 it's 40" over and over and over again. I mean really, just get yourself to Walmart and quit wasting my time! :-)

So it has been 24 hours of mind shattering revelations, life as I know it has changed. From acknowledging my dislike of Jane Seymour to recognizing I am darn crabby about this ongoing, never ending, traffic disrupting road construction. Believe me - it's been a tough morning.

TTFN - and be open to new revelations - surprise yourself :-)

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Amy said...

I suppose you could take the bike path to work and pass grandma doing 10mph. :-) Whizzzz right by.