Thursday, October 18, 2007

If this is Thursday it must be raining...

because lately every day is a rainy day! I have always wanted to visit Seattle, and possibly even live there, but now, now after days and days and days of mostly overcast skies I'm not so sure. I'm starting to feel water logged. And really do you know what all that humidity does to scrapbooking supplies. YUCK! I don't like limp paper.

Big plans for the weekend? I am planning on scrapping with Amy and Heather at my house on Friday night and hopefully Saturday (Amy, Heather - did you hear that - the Saturday thing?). And if your name is Wendy (and you will know if you are THE Wendy) and you want to join us you know you are welcome! Just let me know - oh and bring treats :-)

Here are some highlights from our trip last Saturday. And as you look at these pictures I want you to notice one thing - see those trees, the ones in the background. Do you see them? And what do you notice about them? THEY'RE GREEN! I told you!


Maggie said...

those are kewl pics.

I wanted to let you know is having a
spa retreat this Saturday October 20th from 12-9 pm Eastern. More info on my blog at
See you there

Wendy said...

Hey Angie...Loved the pics of the kids! Sorry can't make scrapbooking this weekend. I'm off to Women of Faith. Looking forward to being kid free for at least one evening! Thanks for the invite though...Let me know when you're doing it again. I don't know how you get it all done!
The Wendy...

Renee (redhead68) said...

Cute! Love the pictures!