Sunday, October 7, 2007

Peace be with you...

that isn't such a bad way to start a Sunday - right? And NO we did not make it to church today but we thought about it and I did pass on that Peace Be With You thing so I'm going to say I'm good :-)

So although I didn't save my soul I did clean out my refrigerator and freezer. I removed all the food, took out the shelves and washed and wiped and reassembled. It looks fabulous, although it is glaringly clear that I need to make a trip to the grocery store -except for condiments - we're good on the condiments!

I don't know what is happening to me. I seem to be returning to my domestic roots. I mean really, it wasn't all that long ago that I actually ironed AND cleaned my appliances. Oh and just for the record, I don't have the stainless steel refrigerator yet. The one I want is still wayyyyyyyy to expensive for me to convince the HotY that I need it so I'll just have to wait - one of them has to give sooner or later and I'm hoping it will be the price, even I recognize when an item is overpriced.

So that's it. That's what I've got for a Sunday. No church and a clean refrigerator. And don't worry, it hasn't been an all work and no play weekend - yesterday I had a Design Team obligation in the morning, lunch and shopping with Amy and Heather, followed by Halloween crafts for the kids. It's been a good weekend :-)



wendy said...

well i managed church and made 2 pies...but feel free to come on over and clean my fridge for me, it could sure use it! LOL

terri said...

and peace right back at ya.
I stopped by and was complelled to reply. I was so hoping to see the shiny high maintenance side of your appliances. I went to church outside this am by walking my 3 miles and picking up trash that was thrown out of cars owned by people with no sense. I mean really what are they thinking when they open their window and through out their beer cans and cigarette packs?
BTW, have you looked at the VIP site to see your picture on the scrappink page? You, of course, are adorable. as always tt

terri said...

I spelled throw wrong, don't you just hate that when you don't take the time to reread until it's too late?

Shirley said...

geez, and I thought that MY fridge was in sad shape in the food department. bwahahahaha!