Monday, October 29, 2007

It's the same thing every year...

My kids love Halloween. It rates right up there with Christmas and their birthdays. I love to see their excitement even it if it noisy!

The festivities begin with the two days before Halloween pumpkin carving - which we did tonight. Usually the HotY goes all over the top on this and picks out these complicated carvings, hands me one and a pumpkin and tells me to get busy. Ummmm have I failed to mention to him less than 100 times that I don't really like to carve pumpkins. I will do the "gutting" and scraping - but I really don't like the carving - it's only a matter of time before I slice off a finger - really, just ask around, my grace and coordination are no secret :-) Anyway, this year I put my foot down and said no fancy designs we are letting the kids tell us what they want and that's it! And he listened - probably because he got to go over the top with this:

ANYWAY, I digress :-) - sorry, some days I can't help myself. So even more important than the carving is our own special family tradition. EVERY SINGLE YEAR Alex wants us to take a picture of him "eating" the pumpkin guts. He thinks it is the photo opportunity of the century - so we took the obligatory pumpkin gut eating picture tonight - and then of course the girls wanted theirs too - so here are our fabulous pumpkin gut photos.

Some people have nice traditions, like making popcorn balls, or building a bomb fire (huh, McHubby while doing his proof-reading duties just informed me that it is not BOMB fire it is Bonfire - who knew - and to think some days I think I'm so darn smart :-)), or making sweet little Halloween treat bags - but my kids - they want to pretend they are eating pumpkin guts. I have no idea why they are so quirky - it must be the HotY!

Here are our pumpkin creations - mine is the kitty - I think it is the best :-)



Anonymous said...

Cute pumpkins! Cute kids! Cute candycorn!! We're carving our pumpkins tonight --- you know me, why rush anything :)


Maija said...

I love the photos with the pumpkin guts!! I love your quirky, clever kids.

Amy said...

Very cool pumpkins! Yeah, where DID they get that quirkiness???

Karen Russell said...

Those are sooooo perfect (love em).